While they won’t rattle your windows or let you feel the bass in your chest, Bluetooth speakers under $50 do leave plenty of room in your budget.

So which one is best?

Reviews show that the Anker Soundcore 2 is one of the most feature-packed options available under $50.

It sports IPX7 water resistance, 12-watts of power, and balanced sound that wowed reviewers.

But, depending on how and where you plan to use your speaker, there are other options that might be a better fit for you.

This roundup includes the 5 best bluetooth speakers under $50 that reviewers from around the Internet feel offer exceptional value at some of the lowest prices you’ll find.

From the beach to the dorm room, these speakers will take your mobile audio experience up a notch or two without worrying your wallet.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated for 2022

Our Picks

1. Anker Soundcore 2

Best Overall

Pros: Splashproof, good audio quality for the size, grippy case, easy-to-use controls, excellent battery life, price
Cons: Shallow bass

While this isn’t the most powerful pick on the list, reviewers were thoroughly impressed with the sheer volume this little silicon pod could put out. It’s also IPX7 rated -- so it'll survive splashes and quick dips (as long as the port cover on the side is closed tight). Reviewers found the grippy outer coating comfortable without looking garish or cheap.

Should you need to make or take a quick call, the speaker includes a mic. While it won’t replace a standalone speakerphone or better Bluetooth speaker, reviews indicate it performed well enough.

It also boasts one of the longest battery life specs in the roundup with many reviewers getting a full day of listening in with ease.

There are a few shortcomings. Obviously, with the small size, it will not fill a room like a larger speaker. Most notably, reviewers found the bass a bit light. However, even at full volume, sound remained clear and crisp.

Bottom Line...
Combining respectable sound, excellent pricing, all-day battery life, and a durable design, the Anker Soundcore 2 is an excellent option for most anyone looking for a Bluetooth speaker that won't break the bank.

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2. DOSS SoundBox Touch

Best Design

Pros: Balanced sound, sturdy build quality, plenty of inputs, decent battery life
Cons: No water resistance, annoying voice prompts

Featuring a sleek, wrap-around design and backlit touch controls on the top, the DOSS SoundBox Touch doesn’t look like a $30 Bluetooth speaker. Better still, according to reviewers, it doesn’t sound like one either.

It comes with a bounty of inputs, including a 3.5-mm headphone jack and microSD card support if you don’t want to use it wirelessly. Most reviewers also pulled a solid 9 to 10 hours of battery life from a single charge--something you might not find in a speaker two to three times its price.

There were a few minor annoyances though. While it’s light enough to take with you on the road or on the patio, there’s no water resistance at all. So keep it away from rain and think twice before heading to the pool.

Bottom Line...

With a sturdy design, generous features, and well-balanced audio, this budget-friendly pick challenged reviewer expectations in the sub-$50 market.

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3. JBL Clip 3

Best Waterproof Portable Speaker

Pros: Ultra portable, sturdy design, can be paired with other speakers, waterproof
Cons: Minor distortion at full volume, weak bass

The JBL Clip series has remained a top choice for ultra-portable speakers--with its Clip, Clip+, and Clip 2 impressing reviewers. With their latest update, the Clip 32 tacks on full IPX7 waterproofing and optimizes the signature clip for easier use.

The speaker is rather small -- just a few inches in diameter. This round design also makes it more resistant to impacts. Despite the small size, it can crank out a decent amount of volume -- though it lacks a bit of bass. However, many reviewers felt this made the speaker great for podcast listening as the higher notes in most voices aren't muddied by unnecessary bass.

For larger areas -- or more volume -- you can connect multiple speakers together. There’s also an integrated 3.5-mm audio cable for connecting to non-Bluetooth devices. Combined with an 10-hour battery life, this waterproof mini speaker is ready for a day at the lake, gym, or pool.

Bottom Line...
If portability or waterproofing are high on your list, the Clip 3 offers an experience few competitors can match.

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4. OontZ Angle 3

Best for Volume

Pros: Plenty of volume, triangle design keeps speaker in place, IPX5 water resistance
Cons: Sound slightly shrill at higher volumes, lower than average battery life

OontZ is known for powerful speakers and fun designs for an affordable price. The Angle 3 is no exception. Its triangle design helps it stand out from other speakers at a similar price. But it also helps to keep the speaker firmly planted when cranking the volume.

While it is not waterproof, the IPX5 rating is good enough for splashes during showers or poolside use and the occasional rainstorm should leave the speaker unscathed. It also features rubberized ends that should help prevent damage if the speaker takes a spill.

Reviewers pulled 8 hours from a single charge with ease. However, many noted slow charge times. Charge it at night if you plan to use it regularly. It also allows you to quickly swap between paired devices with a quick button press if you want to use it as a speakerphone while watching movies on your tablet or let friends control the music mix at a party.

What Others Are Saying...
The OontZ Angle 3 has a stellar reputation on Amazon. With a massive 24,000 reviews, the speaker enjoys a 4.4 rating. It’s also an Amazon’s Choice pick. One review said, “The OontZ Angle 3 is a very solid speaker, that now has outstanding volume and good bass. It retains and actually improves upon the crisp highs and strong mids of its predecessor. I like that Cambridge Soundworks is actually focusing on sound quality and not loading up on tons of features.”

Android Central reviewed the speaker and were impressed. Reviewer Brent Zaniewski said, “The OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker is a powerful sounding unit for its compact size and is a great addition to any water related activity.”

Audiorumble was also a fan, saying, “Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 represents a very generous package that is extremely affordable, comes with all the core features as well as performance. If you need a simple Bluetooth speaker, this is it.”

Bottom Line...
If you like your audio loud and don’t mind sacrificing a bit of battery life, the OontZ Angle 3 is a great pick.

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5. Tribit XSound Go

Best Audio Quality

Pros: Sleek design, good battery life, IPX7 water-resistance rating, balanced sound
Cons: Bold branding

While the Tribit XSound Go might look fairly unassuming, reviews indicate it's one of the best sounding speakers at its price point. No, you won't get chest-pounding bass or fill a large room with audio. But reviewers praised the well-rounded, pleasant audio profile the speaker provides.

The speaker doesn't just sound good either. It is IPX7 rated and can withstand submersion in for 30 minutes in 1 meter of water. It also includes a microphone so it can double as a speakerphone if you'd like. 

The controls on the top of the speaker are large enough to hit at a glance but don’t stand out and the black chassis is simple and clean -- though some reviewers weren't a fan of the huge Tribit logo on the front grill.

Bottom Line...
From solid audio quality to respectable battery life, reviewers have plenty of praise for this speaker. If you're looking for an affordable option for home, work, or play with an emphasis on the listening experience, the Tribit XSound Go is a great pick.

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Also Good

The following speakers didn’t make our list but they came close.

Still, they offer value in the sub-$50 market and make solid runner-up options if one of the others isn’t in stock or doesn’t interest you.

AOMAIS Sport II - With a powerful 20w twin-speaker design, Bluetooth 5.0, and the ability to pair multiple speakers, and an IPX7 rating, the AOMAIS Sport II was heavily recommended by reviewers for people looking for something to listen poolside or at a party.  With a pod design similar to the JBL Clip 2 and AmazonBasics Nano, the Braven 105 offers a full IPX7 waterproof rating, rich audio, and roughly 8 hours of playback on a single charge. We were tempted to include this as a pick, but as one of the most recent releases, there’s too little feedback out there to know if it holds up compared to the bigger names here. Read Review | See Latest Price

JBL Clip 2 - If you're not able to find -- or can't afford -- the JBL Clip 3 listed above, the JBL Clip 2 is very similar in terms of sound and design. The clip is a little different, but it received enough reviews to make our roundup in 2019 and is still available now for slightly less than the newer model. Read Review | See Latest Price

VicTsing SoundHot C6 - With its unique suction cup design, the VicTsing SoundHot C6 is the perfect option for listening in the shower. But it is merely resistant to splashes and mist, so it lost out to the other IP-rated speakers in this line-up. Still, reviewers found it sounded great for the price and it's ultra-portable design made it the favorite of many roundups.  Read Review | See Latest Price

How We Picked

So what makes a good speaker under $50 anyway?

Our picks above are what we think are for now the best picks under $50 for most people.

We selected these models based on analysis of expert reviews from around the web, user feedback on sites like Amazon, forum comments on our site, social media, and more.

When answering the question, “What’s the best Bluetooth speaker under $50?” we considered the following criteria:

Good Sound Quality
While the sub-$50 market has improved dramatically in recent years, we wanted to be sure that every pick on our list offered a decent audio experience. You should be able to crank up the volume and listen to a variety of genres without having to worry about distortion or tinny, empty sound.

Long Lasting Battery
The whole point of a Bluetooth speaker is being able to enjoy your favorite music or media without wires and in better quality than your laptop, phone, or tablet speakers. To do that, you need a battery that’ll last. Most of our picks offer a solid 8 hours of use--some even more!

Even at the sub-$50 price point, there’s no excuse for flimsy speakers or cheap materials. Each of our picks offers either a rugged, durable design or a premium aesthetic that fits the investment you’re making in your audio experience.

Good Warranties and Support
We understand that even the best manufacturer’s sometimes crank out a faulty product. What’s more important is how they handle customer concerns when this happens. We’ve scoured reviews, dug through warranties, and checked customer service forums to be sure that all the companies we list here stand behind their products and do right by their customers.

We compared the things most people consider when purchasing a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

In short, we did the research—so you don’t have to.

Common Questions


Still Not Sure?

While we feel our picks offer a great experience to a wide range of people, there’s not a single pick that will be perfect for everyone.

From the type of audio you like to where you plan on using your speaker, each aspect will impact which choices are a good fit for you.

This is why we make multiple recommendations and suggestions based on speaker features, sound profiles, and other criteria.

If our picks don’t match what you’re looking for, visit our wireless speaker reviews.

It will help you narrow down additional options and find the perfect speaker for you.

If you’ve never purchased a Bluetooth speaker, our in-depth wireless speaker buyer’s guide dives deeper into the features discussed in this guide. It includes information on sizes, audio quality, connectivity, durability, and more.

Disclosure: You should know that in some cases, we may receive a referral fee (at no additional cost to you) for products purchased through the links on our site. These links help support our work but they do not influence our content. Our editorial recommendations are always genuine and we try to feature only the best products and services. Why trust us?

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