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# of Servers
# of Servers
Server Locations
Server Locations
Unlimited Bandwidth
Price Per Month (From)
Price Per Month (From)
Free Trial
3 hours
Free Trial
3 hours

Informr score
The Mullvad currently has an Informr score of 7.6 out of 10. This score is based on our evaluation of 34 sources including reviews from users and the web's most trusted critics.

The "1-Minute" Review


With their emphasis on privacy, Mullvad offers rock-solid security with a few compromises -- namely price and transfer speeds.

What's good

  • Cash and crypto payment options
  • Blowfish and AES-256 support
  • WireGuard support
  • Minimal logging
  • Port forwarding support
  • P2P support

What's bad

  • 3-hour free trial
  • Limited server selection compared to the competition
  • Long term prices higher than most competitors
  • Slower than many competing services

In operation for more than a decade, Mullvad places emphasis on privacy and anonymity. While you might not have heard of them before, you shouldn’t pass them by. This is due to a lack of advertising and affiliate programs. So what does this service have to offer? We’ve dug through the biggest review sites out there to bring you this summary.


Pricing on Mullvad is so-so. On a monthly basis, their rates are cheaper than many competing services. However, they do not offer discounts for subscribing for 6 or 12 months. So you pay less by monthly rates but pay more when looking at long-term costs.

Payment methods are some of the most comprehensive on offer including cash, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, bank wire, PayPal, Swish, Bankgiro, and credit or debit cards. Paying in cryptocurrency will even net you a slight discount.

While cash offers a high level of privacy, it limits your refund options. However, there’s still crypto support if you want easy, risk-free payments.

Supported Devices

Mullvad is compatible with most devices. You’ll find dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Support for Android, iOS, and Chrome OS is available through the OpenVPN app. If you have a router capable of running DD-WRT, Mullvad’s site includes everything you need to get up and running.

Ease of Use

Mullvad’s software isn’t the prettiest user interface around, but it offers easy access to common features and is generally user-friendly. If you’re brand new to VPNs, you might need to research a few terms. However, reviews indicate that the default settings offer a respectable level of protection if you’re not up to diving into the settings.

Security Gladiators says, “Mullvad VPN’s overall theme seems to be of simplicity... The app is very straightforward to use… And we have already mentioned the fact that the installation process is painless and quick.

Simultaneous Connections

Mullvad allows up to five simultaneous connections. This is comparable to many competitors. And, you can also set up the service on your router if you need to protect many devices at once.

Included Features

In terms of features, Mullvad is easily one of the top VPNs. Whether you’re looking for protection while torrenting, trying to secure your email, or want protection while using the Wi-Fi at your favorite restaurant, you’ll find helpful features which help you make the most of your VPN subscription.

Popular features include:

  • Regional video unlocking
  • Port forwarding
  • Email pass-through and spam blocking
  • Frequently renewed encryption keys
  • IP and DNS leak protection
  • Torrenting support
  • Kill switch support

Mullvad offers encryption using the OpenVPN or WireGuard protocols. WireGuard is one of the newest protocols available and claims to be the future of VPN. You can also encrypt using AES-256 or Blowfish encryption standards.

VPN Ranks says, “Netflix has invested heavily to fortify the site against VPN services. However, this has not stopped VPN providers like Mullvad from working seamlessly with the streaming service… The US servers of this VPN have no issue in unlocking Netflix as my tests for this Mullvad VPN review revealed.

Privacy and Logging

At first glance, being based in Gothenburg, Sweden -- a 14-eyes country -- doesn’t appear to score any points for Mullvad on a privacy front. However, they’re extremely transparent on what they log and try to track as little information as possible.

Instead of providing an email address, user name, and other personally identifiable information, they assign you a random account number. This is the only thing linking you to your account.

If you pay using cash, bitcoin, or one of the other anonymous methods, you are virtually invisible.

VPN Ranks says, “Because Mullvad does not even ask for your email when you sign up. You can even pay the provider in Bitcoin, making sure you are a ghost to them.


While Mullvad achieves some of the highest marks around in terms of security, this comes at the cost of transfer speeds. While you’ll still be able to stream video and perform other tasks online, don’t expect large file downloads or peer-to-peer file sharing to be snappy using Mullvad.

That said, if your focus is on privacy, Mullvad is hard to beat.

VPN Ranks highlights this in their review, saying, “While one expects a slash in speed in a VPN connection, this kind of drastic decrease is problematic to say the least.


Customer support is another area where Mullvad receives middling marks. Email is your only support option for advanced problems. While they offer a 24-hour response time, this might not feel reassuring if you’re having an urgent problem. Fortunately, there is an FAQ section for basic problems should you need it.



If you need basic protection or peace of mind while using public Wi-Fi or checking your email, there are more affordable options available. But if you’re looking for the best privacy options around and a truly anonymous VPN service, definitely consider Mullvad.

VPN Ranks says, “There are many features in Mullvad that makes it stands out; the token-based account, the unique payment method and kill switch option to name a few. But what really separates Mullvad from other VPNs is its simple and straightforward mode of operations.

VPN Analysis says, “Mullvad’s commitment to anonymity is commendable. The company has set up its subscription system to help dodge any possible legislation that requires VPN providers to hand over user activity logs. You are certainly safe from prosecution with this service.

What the Critics Are Saying...

Tom's Guide
Tom's Guide

Mullvad easily claims a top spot in our list of super secure VPNs – you won't find many providers that can match it in terms of anonymity. Excellent speeds are a nice bonus, too, but the VPN has its downsides. It's more expensive than its biggest rivals, has somewhat subpar apps, and struggles to un...

- River Hart, Tom's Guide

Mullvad's apps aren't the best, and it didn't unblock much for us, but this VPN's transparency and single-minded focus on preserving your privacy beats just about everyone else. The speeds are great too.

- Mike Williams, TechRadar
Expert Reviews
Expert Reviews

We’ve been critical of Mullvad in the past, but it now offers quite respectable speeds and streaming capabilities. It also goes further than most VPNs to protect your anonymity and keep you informed, while its straightforward pricing model makes no attempt to suck you into long commitments. Sadly, s...

- Darien Graham-Smith, Expert Reviews
Restore Privacy
Restore Privacy

Mullvad VPN is a reliable and secure VPN provider with a strong focus on privacy. Its unique account setup process, combined with its robust security features and no-logging policy, make it an attractive option for users who prioritize online privacy. While it shines in some areas, you should not di...

- Heinrich Long, Restore Privacy
All About Cookies
All About Cookies

Mullvad is safe and secure with a big focus on privacy. But it struggles to unblock any streaming content that isn’t Netflix.

- Ben Walker, All About Cookies


Headquarters Sweden
Pricing/Sign Up
Starting Price (per Month) $5.00
Plans and Pricing Visit Site
Free Trial 3 hours
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Payment Options Credit Cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Other
ID Required -
Server Locations (# of Countries) 44
Number of Servers 674 +
Devices Per License 5
Simultaneous Connections 5
Unlimited Bandwidth Yes
Double-Hop / Double VPN No
Accesses Netflix No
P2P / Torrenting Allowed Yes
Accepts Bitcoin Yes
Non-US Company Yes
Protocols OpenVPN, WireGuard
Encryption AES-256, ChaCha20, HMAC SHA1, RSA-4096, Poly1305
No Logs / No Tracking Yes
Dedicated IP Available No
VPN Over Tor Yes
Wi-Fi Leak Protection No
Private DNS Server No
DNS Leak Protection Yes
IP Leak Protection Yes
WebRTC Leak Protection Yes
IPv6 Leak Protection Yes
Kill Switch Yes
Supported Platforms
Operating Systems Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Linux, Android
Mobile App No
Router Yes
Browser Extension No
Customer Support
24/7 Support No
Live Chat Support No
Telephone Support No
Email Support
Additional comments Other Names (AKA): MullvadVPN

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