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# of Servers
Server Locations
Server Locations
Unlimited Bandwidth
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Price Per Month (From)
Free Trial
Free Trial

Informr score
The ProtonVPN currently has an Informr score of 8.3 out of 10. This score is based on our evaluation of 57 sources including reviews from users and the web's most trusted critics.

The "1-Minute" Review


Despite being a relative newcomer to the VPN scene, ProtonVPN offers a slick client, good overall performance, and excellent privacy. Its tiered pricing and limited server locations might turn away some, but it’s likely to change as the company matures.

What's good

  • Superb privacy
  • Good performance
  • Secure OpenVPN protocol
  • P2P and TOR support
  • Excellent free plan

What's bad

  • Tiered pricing
  • Limited server locations

From the same company that secured your email with ProtonMail comes ProtonVPN, a Swiss-based VPN. While you might trust them to keep your email secure, should you trust them with all of your web traffic too? Let’s see what the Internet has to say.


Unlike other VPNs, ProtonVPN uses tiered pricing. Not only do you receive a discounted price for longer subscriptions, but you also unlock more features depending on the plan level you choose.

Not sure you want to pay for a VPN yet? They offer a completely free plan. However, performance will likely be slower as they group all free users on only a handful of servers.

Supported devices

The service includes access to a range of apps for Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and a command-line tool for Linux. There are currently no browser extensions available. This means you cannot secure your connection on computers where you can’t install software -- such as at your work computer.

Ease of Use

ProtonVPN impressed reviewers with how easy it was to use and how good the app itself looked. Selecting a server and securing their connection was quick and simple. Unlike many VPN applications, ProtonVPN also allows you to see how loaded each server is so you can choose the least congested options in real time.

They also allow you to create two profiles for specific activities -- one to connect to the faster server and another to connect to a random server. Of course, you can adjust your profiles to fit your needs.

Simultaneous Connections

Supported devices range from 2 on the lowest monthly plan to up to 10 at the most expensive option. This gives you plenty of flexibility in keeping all of your phones, tablets, and computers secure.

Included Features

  • Kill Switch protection
  • TOR connections
  • P2P servers
  • OpenVPN protocol
  • Access to ProtonMail at highest payment tier
  • Amazon Prime and Netflix support
  • DNS leak protection

If you want an extra layer of security, TOR connections help conceal your identity and online activity by separating your identification and routing.

More into P2P? ProtonVPN also has several servers that support common protocols, including BitTorrent. However, experts were a bit let down that the client didn’t indicate which servers support P2P. You might have to try a few before you see good results.

Privacy and Logging

Due to its Swiss location, ProtonVPN gets an immediate advantage over other VPNs. The country itself has very strong privacy laws and is not a member of the “14 Eyes” surveillance network.

ProtonVPN states their policy clearly as a no log service. When tested, reviewers were impressed with how little logs were actually kept. The only thing they could uncover was a timestamp of the last successful login. This timestamp was overwritten the next time they logged in.

If you’re looking for privacy on the billing side, ProtonVPN accepts Bitcoin as well.

PCWorld states, “Overall, ProtonVPN provides good privacy protection…


ProtonVPN currently has 30 server locations but the number of servers available is growing yearly. Even with limited servers, reviews indicate that the paid service tiers perform quite well. Critics were impressed with both download and upload speeds -- at least when connected to the correct server.

Unfortunately, performance varied wildly across the different servers for many reviewers and finding one that worked well was often just guesswork. And, as expected, the further they were from the server, the slower their performance.


As the first line of defense, ProtonVPN offers a useful page where you can hopefully find answers. If you still cannot figure out your issue, you can fill out their support form and expect a response in around 12 to 24 hours. While support is certainly not the fastest, most critics had no complaints.



Overall, ProtonVPN might not offer the most servers or the fastest support in our VPN summaries. What it offers instead is excellent privacy and fairly decent performance for the price. While the tiered pricing might be a turn off for some, critics found it provided a good deal of flexibility for people who might want a simpler experience.

PC Magazine states, “You won’t go wrong with ProtonVPN, but it is not with its drawbacks… it may need some time to mature before it can match the ease of use and robust networks of… NordVPN, Private Internet Access, and TunnelBear. But its free plan is peerless.

What the Critics Are Saying...

PC Magazine
PC Magazine

Proton VPN offers an excellent collection of features and a nearly peerless free subscription option, making it our top choice for VPNs.

- Kim Key, Chris Stobing, PC Magazine

The VPNs we tried out ranked pretty consistently across all of our tests, but ProtonVPN stood out as a strong option because of its overall security and ease of use.

- Katie Malone, Engadget
All About Cookies
All About Cookies

Proton VPN is privacy-focused and offers fast speeds with high levels of security and privacy. But it doesn’t have a 24/7 live chat option and it’s not the cheapest VPN available.

- Ben Walker, Sara J. Nguyen, All About Cookies

The free version of Proton VPN is subsidized by the company’s paid services. For this reason, it doesn’t need to collect and sell user data to sustain its free users. That said, Proton VPN does have a few drawbacks. The free version of Proton VPN offers only 65 servers, which may lead them to overlo...

- Nelson Oyuga,

We conclude our review by stating that ProtonVPN is one of the most promising names in the industry at the moment. Everyone is surprised by the performance of ProtonVPN. Even though there are obvious issues to address, like the lack of VPN clients, a small number of servers, and no live chat, it’s a...

- Diana Todea, VPNCentral


Headquarters Switzerland
Pricing/Sign Up
Starting Price (per Month) $4.99
Plans and Pricing Visit Site
Free Trial No
Money Back Guarantee No
Payment Options Credit Cards, PayPal
ID Required Valid email address
Server Locations (# of Countries) 67
Number of Servers 2730 +
Devices Per License 2 - 10
Simultaneous Connections 2 - 10
Unlimited Bandwidth Yes
Double-Hop / Double VPN Yes
Accesses Netflix Yes
P2P / Torrenting Allowed Yes
Accepts Bitcoin No
Non-US Company Yes
Protocols IKEv2, OpenVPN, WireGuard
Encryption AES-256, ChaCha20, RSA-4096
No Logs / No Tracking Yes
Dedicated IP Available No
VPN Over Tor Yes
Wi-Fi Leak Protection No
Private DNS Server No
DNS Leak Protection Yes
IP Leak Protection Yes
WebRTC Leak Protection Yes
IPv6 Leak Protection Yes
Kill Switch Yes
Supported Platforms
Operating Systems Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Linux, Android
Mobile App Yes
Router Yes
Browser Extension Yes
Customer Support
24/7 Support No
Live Chat Support No
Telephone Support No
Email Support
Additional comments Other Names (AKA): Proton VPN

Terms & Conditions Official Terms & Conditions

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