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Headline Best Headset on the market
Text I got this headset in 2008, after having had several others that were all crap. I don't remember any of the brand/model #s or I would review them, too. Anyway, I got this for less than $70 when it was a new model and one of the big features for me was that it could do double-duty and worked with Skype on my computer. What I found out that made it even better, is that it works to completely remove outside sound from my laptop, and lets me hear everything on the headset... music, Google video chat, movies, everything. There is no headset out there that is more comfortable. It sits perfectly and I can literally wear it all day and not have any pressure points bothering me. It sits perfectly in your ear, so that it feels snug and secure without pinching anywhere. The foresight of Plantronics to send out the extra earpieces for personalized fitting is genius. That made all the difference for me. Plantronics customer service is beyond compare. Almost a year after I bought the headset, and it had a very hard year bouncing around in my purse with no case and occasionally being lost in my car or played with by my toddler, the ear nub wouldn't stay on. I called and they sent me several to re-fit and I found one that worked, and stopped having the problem entirely. Finally, after nearly 2 years, and several moves, I lost it. I was devastated. I decided to upgrade to the Voyager Pro. It worked great, but was not nearly as comfortable. After a few months of that, I bequeathed it to my son, and I have purchased another Voyager 510. This was salvation for him, because he has been through at least 6 headsets, Jabra, Motorola, other good names, but none of them had the quality (sound and endurance) of my Plantronics. I am tempted to buy extras, in case they discontinue the model. This is the only headset I ever want to own.