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Headline Light weight, feels predictably cheap, large screen

We've spoken to Archos about the issue and the company has stated that it will repair any unit that has the problem. A spokesperson for the firm has also assured us that the fault has been fixed in production, so units rolling off the production line now should be entirely free of any screen issues.

Display quirks aside, there's an awful lot to like about the 80 G9. The kick-stand on the back is a welcome addition, and the light weight of the unit makes it easy to hold for long periods - something that can't be said of the chubby Motorola Xoom. We also love the fact that you can upgrade to 3G if you wish, via the forthcoming 3G stick.

It's worth noting that the Archos 101 G9 - basically the 80 G9 with a larger screen - doesn't appear to suffer from the screen ripple defect, so if you're tempted by what you've read here then that might be a worthy option, assuming you're comfortable with paying an additional £100 on top.

Assuming Archos follows through on its promise and solves the issue with the screen, the 80 G9 could have a bright future ahead of it. The time is right for a budget revolution in the tablet market, and the tech inside this device is stunning when you consider the price point.

However, we can't brush aside the screen ripple fault so easily. It's crushingly disappointing that it's present in so many units.