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Headline The second coming of Fusion Garage sadly feels like deja vu all over again

If you're going to go out of your way to bypass an established option like Honeycomb and do your own thing, your own thing had better be damned good. The Grid10 isn't even pretty good. It's borderline pretty bad. Software performance is sluggish, battery life is atrocious and we're left with a device that simply fails to beat the best of the Android tablets -- never mind the rest. It's far, far better than the departed JooJoo, but still a huge disappointment for us. We like a good second-coming story as much as the next guy and were genuinely hopeful that the rough, early versions of GridOS we saw would be polished into something new and exciting, but what we have is still crude and clunky. We're always hopeful for the future, but we fear no amount of polish could make this thing shine. So this, then, is a second-coming that shouldn't have been, leaving us shaking our heads in dismay yet again, wondering whether anybody else can step in and crack the kings at the top.