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Headline A Windows 7 tablet with great connectivity

If you need a Windows 7 tablet in your life, then the Gigabyte S1080 its bevy of ports including 2 premium USB 3.0 ports along with everything else you’d usually find on a netbooks gives this tablet more connectivity options then your average Android tablet. However, stacking it up against Google or Apple has the S1080 looking sorry with its battery life but up against other Windows 7 tablets its holding its own at the top of the pile. However, it runs hot, its got a very slow accelerometer and its touch screen can use an firmware update since I was constantly clicking on many items accidentally. If you’re looking for a Windows 7 tablet with great connectivity and you don’t mind it doubling as a hand heater, then the Gigabyte S1080 should be a top pick among Windows 7 tablets.