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Headline You'll run out of words to describe how good this device is

High quality. Great battery life. Excellent build. Class leading portability. Fast, high quality web browsing. High-end video quality and a good range of accessories is exactly what we said about the Viliv S5 but it applies to the X70 EX too. With the X70 you sacrifice some portability for an improved user experience, SD card slot, web cam and built-in mic and in our opinion the X70 EX is a better Tablet-style solution than the S5 unless you need the smallest form factor possible. It covers more usage scenarios with an easier user experience.
It has to be said that, as with most UMPCs, the target market is scattered across a number of niche and early-adopter markets and doesn’t fit into the the traditional smartphone/laptop, 2-device combination but for pro-mobile users, people wanting the fastest and richest mobile internet experience in the smallest 7” screen package, there really is no comparison. The Q1 Ultra Premium or Q1 Ultra 3G is definitely a competitor but the Viliv X70 EX introduces great value for money on top of everything that the Q1 U series can do and in the case of the Premium Air model we have here, earns the title of the best 7” Tablet UMPC we’ve ever tested.