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Headline Bad Signal
Text The phone has very poor programming and the signal really sucks. My husbands phone sitting 2 inches from mine on the same carrier (Koodo) get's his calls. 75% of the time I do not get any of my calls, just voice mails 30 mins to 2 hours later--and that is IF the caller decided to leave a voice mail. What's the point of a phone if you can't communicate. I have spent hours on tech support trying to get it fixed. So I have exhausted other potential issues with why my service is poor. If my phone is not sitting near anything, out in the open, I might get my calls, but if it's just in my pocket or my purse.. I don't get any calls at all. REALLY DUMB! Because it's like going in and out of service, it's okay with texts, but you can't rely on it to be timely. It is a very cheap phone. Outgoing calls are just fine. For a cheap phone hardware wise it's made fine, and doesn't look bad. The features on the phone are terrible. You can't actually "silence" the phone without turning it off; even on silence or vibrate mode, texts still "chirp" several times. Calls are okay. Built in phone speaker is okay. Pictures are mediocre at best. Alarms work fine. Contact list is mediocre, but works. Has very little customization and the standard ringtones are terrible. Battery life is FANTASTIC. Would be a good starter phone for youngins. Wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone though. You get what you pay for, a cheap phone.