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Headline I love this phone!
Text I've had one of these for about 4 months now and it's been great! I purchased it as a prepaid phone for about $22 to use in case of emergency, got straight through to verizon at 11pm, who got it working that very same night. The battery lasts for days. I use it for unlimited internet access 24/7 and it's never failed to function. The sound quality is superb on speaker, through the ear piece, or via a plug-in headset. The bluetooth connection is also fantastic and I was able to surf the internet from the beach using this phone with bluetooth. It's micro usb cable connection works very well and it's easy to find a cheap cable to connect to it. You can program the arrow keys as shortcuts to messaging, turn off/on bluetooth, etc, making it very easy to use standard features without having to navigate through a maze of menus!