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Headline Annoying little thing.
Text I call mine the electronic gremlin for a reason. It's absoloutely annoying. On the outside, it's a little pretty, cute and shiny. Doesn't chip as much as my other phones did. You open it up and it looks just like a normal cell phone; keypad, screen, etc. All right, it's pretty cool. Until you begin using it. Text messaging is a pain in arse with this phone. It's formal, with a subject box in it, but most text messages aren't formal. In that case, the subject box is a total waste. Next, the actual texting. Press once and you're ready to text. As your just about done, your finger slips just a tiny, tiny, bit and it presses the disconnect button. The disconnect button works as a 'back' and 'undo' button too, and you can't do anything about it. It will ask if you wanna save your message or not. It's a pain either way. Calling is definitely not top notch. You can hear your voice faintly repeating on the other line. The quality of the other caller's voice is low and I find myself having to ask the other person to repeat what they said. The wallpaper and design is really messed up. It might just be me, but I can't seem to figure out how to make the pictures I took on the camera stretch over and be the wallpaper. However the preset pictures do that automatically. I didn't expect the camera to be as great as my digital camera but I did expect at least an inch of quality. After taking the blurry little picture, you have to be still even though it already made the snapshot sound. If not, your picture won't be still. It does have fun little designs where you can put your head inside holes and make it look like your part cartoon. Or under water. Or holding a mug of beer. The few good things about my electronic gremlin is that it has voice recognition. However my other phone had that and better quality in everything. Another thing is the camera in the tiny front screen. Fun, but inaccurate. The picture ends up being way bigger than you expected. The battery doesn't come out easily. In fact, I can't even take it out. The ringtones are pretty fun...if you were 6. It also has a notepad which is helpful for forgetful people and the battery lasts very long. In conclusion, the cell phone is not worth it, no matter how much you are paying. Even if you want the simplest phone as a way to reach your kids, or one just in case of emergencies, get a better phone than this. Your kids will hate it and it takes forever to connect to the person you are calling.