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Headline wanted a rugged outdoor phone ~~ NOTICE Va76r not
Text Re: Tundra va76r--There is nothing in the FAQ to answer my questions. The tech support @ Rogers could not answer; they referred me to your tech support USA who told me to call your Canadian #, all to no avail. Your Canadian tech advised me to WRITE you. I suspect this terrific military standard phone was designed by a geek who has never set foot outside his cubical, let alone in the world of construction and outdoor recreation. I happen to work in the construction industry and spend most of my time off recreating in the outdoors Music and Emails are NOT the first thing an outside worker, or or a person who truly enjoys the outdoors wants. I saw these soft key configurations and figured no problem; all can be reprogrammed. Apparently not: The initial soft key settings are fixed. Needing my alarm clock, calculator, camera and last call received on the face I was hoping for contacts on the right soft key and notes on the left soft key. Razor can handle this. I am amazed Tundra cannot. Tundra wants you to scroll though 5 keystrokes to get last call received even though it is on the front screen. Upon opening the first phone box, I was amazed to see there was no USB cable included. So amazed I opened the second one to be sure I had not misplaced the cable. The actual telephone manual was not included. A web search found it on the AT&T site. Copy of phone tools was not included. You would think for the cost and the new nature of this new phone, one would be included. Again no. Rather than sending a disk, you could have us download it from your site with a code. This would still be “Ecco” friendly. (Your tech's reason for the lack of hardware.) Is it useable outside? Barely... We know the soft keys cannot be changed. Is there a reason the font on the contact list is so small. Guess 6-8pt. -- and leave the rest of the screen empty. A supplier asks for a tel # and I can not read it...embarrassing even though I have 20/20 vision,... this I am told is not changeable either. This is not my first phone. I have been a continuous customer of Rogers since 1990, & have enjoyed 3 or 4 versions of the Razr. However tundra has zapped far more time than this phone is worth at its original retail price of $350.00. This is simply very frustrating to finally have a rugged phone that steals valuable time. I met a new contractor last week. He was cursing his new phone. I said to him, "Let me guess, Motorola tundra va76 rugged," his reply was, " How did I know?” I replied, "I am ready to throw mine in the garbage and return to the Razr... even though I break them every 3 months." Help... I would love to keep the rugged phone I have been asking for, for so long. but this is not the phone you promised. Sincerely, garden fence