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Headline Firmware upgrade fixed flaws
Text I have to agree with the folks who gave this phone a "less-than-exemplary" rating. My husband and I purchased this phone (one each) last year site unseen. Based on CNET and other YouTube reviews posted, we thought this is a great way to upgrade my husband from an ordinary phone to a PDA. I was also looking to upgrade from Palm Treo 650 to something else. I got tired of waiting for the new Treo so I gave in and bought this instead. We decided to buy the same phone so that I can better support him. I, myself, am a computer engineer. Here are my experiences: PROS 1) decent pda, synched with my Outlook fine, performs just like any MS Mobile 6.0+ device 2) nice keyboard layout. If you are a fan of SMS, this is a good pda for you. Keyboard is decent-sized. 3) camera is not bad but you have to watch the lighting; not bad for a 2MP camera 4) compact for what it is 5) good voice dial capability 6) good speed/shortcut buttons CONS 1) Battery drains fast. This thing is a power hog. You charge fully until 9pm. By 6am, battery is all but dead. And I did not get any calls overnight! 2) Delay in touchscreen apparent 3) You need to kill applications the lame way - go to the Applications icon and explicitly tap the option to "kill all apps" or the equivalent. 4) If bright outside, the screen is next to impossible to view. 5) If with Verizon, if you reset this phone, you have to call Verizon to put back the applications/service features in your contract. After struggling with Verizon Wireless about the multiple problems we were having and after venting that we would like to terminate our service with them, we were told to try a firmware upgrade with the idea that our complaints will be fixed by this download. I was skeptical but I figured, with all the problems with the phone, nothing else can possibly go wrong. I have to say that after download and reset, I immediately noticed a difference in performance and UI accessibility. Here are some of the improvements: 1) Battery drain gone. Improved power management with the battery icon on the top right, when clicked, leading the user to the Power Management app. 2) A new icon has been added to access the Running Programs and the ability to close the programs with 2 clicks. 3) Remote Desktop UI access added 4) Wi-Fi UI improved It took a year but finally, I think we hit the nail on the head. The battery lasts 3 days on standby. If you get an upgraded battery, the new power management update will last 7 + days on standby. But I have to still agree with posters that this is not for the casual user. Not for the faint of heart and not for the non-geeks, unfortunately.