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Headline Bell Mobility HTC 6800 ($149.00 - No Contract)
Text I decided to get rid of my home phone and go strictly to a cell. When I signed up with Bell a year ago I got a HTC a 3 year contract. With in a month I regretted picking that model, because it did not have a qwerty keyboard. I hated typing txt msg's and emails on the small keyboard screen. So when I noted 2 weeks ago that Bell had the HTC 6800 for sale at $149.00 (no contract) I jumped at purchasing it. I read many reviews before I made my final decision and I was even warned by the Bell employee at the store that its "cheaply made" and I might be happier with a Blackberry. I bought the phone knowing what I was getting in to and I have had it 3 weeks now and I am glad I got it. I will start with the positive points and then the negative: POSITIVE 1. Nice design. I find the button layout good. Once I became comfortable I did not need to use the pda pen that comes with it very often. You can surf, answer calls and check email all with one hand. 2. Good price. If your looking to txt / email on the go..and dont want to get into a long contract or spend serious cash then this is a good phone. 3. Features...built in WIFI is great.....add great programs like Wififofum2, skype, winmobile torrent, fring, and Opera browser and there is no need to run to your home computer anymore. You can do it all from your phone! Negative: 1. Built in speaker. Its below standard...sounds hollow and maximum volume not loud enough. You might want to use "ring+vibrate" so you don't miss any calls. HTC seriously skimped in the speaker department!!! 2. Built in keyboard. It snaps open and closed nicely I just dont like the "feel" of the's too smooth... I find the keys are not raised enough. I have big hands and find myself sometimes hitting the wrong key. My kids both have the LG Keybo from Telus.....that is the keyboard this phone should have. The keys should have a rubber type of finish in order to provide positive feedback when typing. Instead the smooth plastic feel takes away from typing... 3. Memory Issues. You can't have too many programs open at once or the phone chokes! I find myself going into the settings and closing programs that way. 4. Freezing. A few times now when it goes into stand-by mode and the screen shuts refuses to come back on! I have had to re-boot the phone by pressing the button on the bottom of the phone. Thats a pis# off! 5. Rear cover. Only paper thin.....seriously. If you ever drop the phone expect it to break. Conclusion. For 149.00 Its does the job. Yes there are better phones but I can live with its faults....that is until my contract runs out. Then...I will get a HTC Touch Pro! That is a phone worth waiting for. Conclusion