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Headline Good enough
Text I am at the end of my two year contract with Verizon and am changing phones under their every 2 year upgrade program. The 8300 had been a good and dependable enough phone over this period. The reception has always been great as has the sound quality with both the normal and speaker mode. There is nothing fancy about the phone, which suited my needs when I got it. The single user voice commands work pretty well but it does get confused every now and then. The keys all seem to be large enough, but I don't like the center menu toggle switch. It is too easy to press it in when you are trying to toggle up or down and select a menu you really don't want. The main complaints that I have had over the past two years is that a)every now and then it will go into limbo. Everything looks OK but there is no signal strength indicated even though I am in an area that has great signal. The only way to recover from this fault is to remove the battery and put it back in. Everything resets and works normal. It is difficult to spot the failure without a very good look at the display. b) It is too easy to turn the phone off. You should have to hold the "end" key down for several seconds to shut it down, but often it will power off with a quick hit on the button when ending a call. Other than that, the size, weight and functions are all good. It does what a phone is supposed to do.