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Headline Thinner & lighter design, smooth overall responsiveness

Anyone looking for a compact sized tablet will be delighted by what the iPad mini 4 brings to the table. It’s premium in its construction, nearly flawless with its processing performance, and all the new goodies included with iOS 9 undeniably elevates it to a higher level that we haven’t seen before in the series – one that finally gives us true multi-tasking, as opposed to the apps switching experience we’ve been accustomed to having. Everything about the iPad mini 4 points to a solid recommendation.

But is it a compelling upgrade option? At the very least, you’re going to shell out $399.00 to pick up the iPad mini 4, which is a Wi-Fi only model with a pathetic 16GB of internal storage. The price, of course, can go up to as much as $729.00 for the 128GB model with cellular connectivity. Needless to say, if you're currently sporting an iPad mini 3, or even 2, and don't notice any meaningful problems with their operation, you might want to hold off from getting the mini 4 – sure, it upgrades the hardware across the board and has side by side multitasking, but that doesn't seem to be that much of an incentive to upgrade from its still rather solid predecessors.