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Headline Feels nice to both hold and to have it dangling away on what ever item you're most precious about

The Chipolo's location will even show up on a map, and it seems that the app is fully integrated with Google Maps. However, as the Chipolo will be within a 60 metre range we found it was best just to to hit that call button. Suddenly, from the depths of the house, there came a faint ringing. It was faint only because the cheeky hider had stashed the remote in the damn attic, but even from two floors away we could hear it. The Chipolo will give a short sharp chirp, allowing you to get a bit closer before hitting the button again to get closer still. Our item was intentionally well hidden, but as you'd normally be using this to find keys and bags – something that won't have been tucked away in the attic on purpose – you should find it on the first ring.