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Headline Powerful, comfortable, and discreet

The Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset ushers in a new standard for wireless earpieces. While some people may like bulky- or funky-looking designs, I don’t. I prefer slim elegance, especially when no (or little) sacrifices are made to performance. The Jabra Stealth delivers excellent voice communication in a lightweight form that’s comfortable to wear. I find the placement of the buttons to be very smart.

Voice command compatibility with Android S-Voice and Google Now have worked very well for me. I assume that Siri works just as well (never tested it). Although the list of commands specific to the Jabra Stealth may be minimal, they get the job done. The only complaint that some may encounter with this earpiece is the volume threshold. Phone conversations could use a little more, even when the connected device has volume set to maximum.