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Headline Beautiful display and looks good with reasonable price

The Samsung Gear 2 Neo does a brilliant job of what it sets out to do: acting a go-between to your Samsung phone. Despite effectively hitting the reset button and ditching Android in favour of Tizen, Samsung has resolved many of the issues with the original Galaxy device.

The display is fantastic and both the design and user interface grew on us the more we used the device. As a watch it's rather accomplished and we're fans.

But while the Korean company has been busy improving its system, the impending arrival of Android Wear threatens the Gear's potential success. Samsung has opted to lock the Gear to Samsung smartphones only, which in addition to the limited number of apps on its Tizen platform could be a costly move.

Given its £169 price tag, the Gear 2 Neo delivers a lot of tech and is steps ahead of the original Galaxy Gear. Whether it's for you is another question, however, as you may still find the addition of a "middle man" device a pointless endeavour. Not us, though, as we've been swayed into the camp that finds the Neo an exciting prospect, even if it's one that's not fully bloomed just yet.