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    "name": "Avast SecureLine VPN",
    "slug": "avast-secureline-vpn",
    "is_published": true,
    "is_discontinued": false,
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    "is_editors_pick": false,
    "affiliate_url": "https:\/\/\/click-6566971-12915936",
    "headquarter": "Czech Republic",
    "start_price": {
        "value": "3.99",
        "currency": "$"
    "plans_pricing": "https:\/\/\/click-6566971-12915936",
    "free_trial": {
        "value": "7",
        "unit": "day"
    "money_back": "30",
    "payment_options": [
    "id_required": "valid_email_address",
    "locations": "33",
    "number_of_servers": "55",
    "devices_per_license": "1",
    "connections": "1",
    "unl_bandwidth": true,
    "double_vpn": false,
    "netflix": false,
    "torrent": true,
    "bitcoin": false,
    "non-us-company": true,
    "protocols": [
    "encryption": [
    "no_tracking": false,
    "dedicated_ip": false,
    "vpn_over_tor": false,
    "wifi_leak_protection": false,
    "private_dns_server": false,
    "dns_leak_protection": true,
    "ip_leak_protection": true,
    "webrtc_leak_protection": false,
    "ipv6_leak_protection": true,
    "kill_switch": true,
    "os": [
    "mobile_app": true,
    "router": false,
    "browser_extension": false,
    "24_7_support": true,
    "live_chat_support": false,
    "phone_support": {
        "value": 1,
        "description": "<p>1-844-340-9251<br><\/p>"
    "email_support": {
        "value": 0,
        "description": null
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    "terms_url": "https:\/\/\/eula",
    "summary": "<p>You probably already know Avast as an antivirus company, but it also has a share in the VPN market. Let\u2019s see how\r    good it compares to the competition.<\/p>\r<h4>Pricing<\/h4>\r<p>As with other options, you get a better deal if you pay for multi-year plans over monthly pricing. Monthly pricing\r    is a little higher in comparison to other VPNs, but nothing that will break the bank. And if you want a more\r    affordable option, you can choose to protect only one device.<\/p>\r<p>You can also choose to secure only specific devices (iOS, Android, etc.). By limiting devices, you can change\r    pricing depending on the versions you need.<\/p>\r<p>Want to test-drive the VPN first? Avast offers a seven-day free trial so you can see how it works for you.<\/p>\r<!--more-->\r<h4>Supported Devices<\/h4>\r<p>You can use SecureLine in Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. While it doesn\u2019t offer as many options as other VPNs\r    available,these devices should cover everything the average user needs.<\/p>\r<p>With that said, there are no browser extensions. This means you cannot protect yourself on public computers--such as\r    those found in libraries, airports, or hotels. So if you travel often, you might want to consider another provider.<\/p>\r<h4>Ease of Use<\/h4>\r<p>On both mobile and desktop versions, experts found the interface to be straightforward and easy to navigate.\r    However, they noticed a lack of configuration options compared to other VPN providers.<\/p>\r<p>For example, you cannot switch between VPN protocols nor is there a search box to find specific servers. While the\r    overall design is clean and simple, they were left wanting.<\/p>\r<p>PC Magazine states, \u201c<i>It\u2019s simple because it doesn\u2019t have much to offer.<\/i>\u201d They go on to suggest <a href=\"\/vpn\/tunnel-bear-729\/\">TunnelBear<\/a> to those\r    who want a more engaging experience.<\/p>\r<h4>Simultaneous Connections<\/h4>\r<p>You can protect up to five devices at the same time with the standard pricing scheme. If you choose a\r    device-specific plan, you\u2019ll still get 5 connections. They\u2019re just limited to the device type your plan supports.\r    For example, a 5 device PC plan will protect 5 PCs but you won\u2019t be able to connect your phone.<\/p>\r<p>Included Features:<\/p>\r\r\r\r<ul><li>Auto-connect to VPN whenever you connect to an unspecified network<\/li><li>P2P support<\/li><li>Netflix streaming support<\/li><li>OpenVPN protocol<\/li><\/ul><p>When it comes to features, SecureLine is relatively bare bones. It lacks the ability to block ads and does not\r    include a kill switch. Both of these features are common with other leading VPN services.<\/p>\r<h4>Privacy and Logging<\/h4>\r<p>SecureLine uses the most secure protocol currently available and is based in the Czech Republic -- a country without mandatory data retention laws. As far as logging, their privacy policy states that they only logs certain\r    information such as time of connection and network location. All logged information is deleted after 30 days.<\/p>\r<p>While they do not offer custom leak protection technology, experts did not notice DNS\r    leaks when checking VPN security.<\/p>\r<h4>Performance<\/h4>\r<p>With only 55 locations in 34 countries, SecureLine doesn\u2019t offer a lot of options when it comes to locations or\r    servers. Still, critics were impressed with transfer speeds in major locations, enjoying very high upload and\r    download speeds. As expected, when testing locations further from reviewers speeds dropped further.<\/p>\r<h4>Support<\/h4>\r<p>There\u2019s not much information on SecureLine\u2019s VPN knowledge base. It only includes 15 articles in three categories\r    alongside a basic FAQ.<\/p>\r<p>While they offer a forum, reviewers noted it is not particularly active. However, the received responses from\r    moderators and representatives relatively quickly.<\/p>\r<p>You can also email the company. However, the site includes a disclaimer that responses may take up to 2 days.<\/p>\r<p>If you\u2019re looking for in-depth, rapid support, you\u2019re likely served better elsewhere.<\/p><p>_<\/p>\r<h4>Summary<\/h4>\r<p>While not the best, SecureLine VPN also isn\u2019t the worst option available. Reviewers have a hard time recommending it\r    to the average consumer.<\/p>\r<p>Tech Radar notes, \u201c<i>Avast SecureLine could be a smart VPN choice for a single computer...but beware - there are\r    barely any features\u2026<\/i>\u201d<\/p>",
    "pros_list": [
        "Good speed and performance",
        "Simple user interface",
        "P2P server",
        "Cheap pricing for one device",
    "cons_list": [
        "Limited features",
        "Few servers and location options",
        "Only 4 supported device types",
    "verdict": "<p>While Avast SecureLine provides good performance, it doesn\u2019t have any standout features to help it compete against other VPN providers.<br><\/p>",
    "suggest_correction_link": {
        "value": "Avast SecureLine VPN"
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