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    "name": "Avira Phantom VPN",
    "slug": "avira-phantom-vpn",
    "is_published": true,
    "is_discontinued": false,
    "aka": null,
    "is_editors_pick": false,
    "affiliate_url": "https:\/\/\/en\/avira-phantom-vpn",
    "headquarter": "Germany",
    "start_price": {
        "value": "4.99",
        "currency": "$"
    "plans_pricing": "https:\/\/\/en\/avira-phantom-vpn-pro#screen-2",
    "free_trial": {
        "value": null,
        "unit": "Free Version"
    "money_back": "30",
    "payment_options": [
    "id_required": "valid_email_address",
    "locations": "25",
    "number_of_servers": "36",
    "devices_per_license": "5",
    "connections": "5",
    "unl_bandwidth": true,
    "double_vpn": false,
    "netflix": true,
    "torrent": true,
    "bitcoin": true,
    "non-us-company": true,
    "protocols": [
    "encryption": [
    "no_tracking": true,
    "dedicated_ip": false,
    "vpn_over_tor": false,
    "wifi_leak_protection": false,
    "private_dns_server": false,
    "dns_leak_protection": true,
    "ip_leak_protection": true,
    "webrtc_leak_protection": true,
    "ipv6_leak_protection": true,
    "kill_switch": true,
    "os": [
    "mobile_app": true,
    "router": false,
    "browser_extension": true,
    "24_7_support": true,
    "live_chat_support": false,
    "phone_support": {
        "value": 0,
        "description": null
    "email_support": {
        "value": 1,
        "description": null
    "terms_info": null,
    "terms_url": "https:\/\/\/en\/end-user-license-agreement-terms-of-use\/",
    "summary": "<p>Avira is already well-known as an antivirus company, but they offer VPN service as well.Unlike other antivirus\r    companies, Avira has built its own service instead of relying on services from a third-party. And while you can\r    access it for free if you already pay for the Avira Prime service, is it worth it or should you try another service?\r    Let\u2019s see what reviewers think.<\/p>\r<h4>Price<\/h4>\r<p>As noted above, if you already subscribe to Avira Prime, you can access the Avira VPN for free. They also offer a\r    free option that provides up to 500MB of service per month without asking for an email and for an unlimited number\r    of devices.<\/p>\r<p>If you need more bandwidth, they offer an option for mobile devices and another either a month-to-month or yearly\r    subscription for all devices.<\/p>\r<!--more-->\r<h4>Supported Devices<\/h4>\r<p>Avira Phantom VPN supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. If you\u2019re using a computer where you can\u2019t download apps,\r    then you can take advantage of the Chrome extensions. Unfortunately, you can\u2019t use it on routers, smart TVs or game\r    consoles<\/p>\r<h4>Ease of Use<\/h4>\r<p>Overall, the interface is basic, making it easy to use. With that said, experts note it could be confusing figuring\r    out how to select country locations. When you connect to the VPN, it will choose the server closest to you. However,\r    if you want to use a server from a different country, you will need to find the link at the bottom of the dashboard\r    that says \u201cNearest location.\u201d<\/p>\r<p>Otherwise, everything is straightforward. This is because the service doesn\u2019t offer a ton of features anyway. For\r    those who want something that\u2019s quick and simple, it\u2019s perfect. However, if you want more customizability, you\u2019re\r    better off looking elsewhere.<\/p>\r<h4>Simultaneous Connections<\/h4>\r<p>You can connect an unlimited amount of devices to the service even with the free version! If you sign up for a paid\r    service tier, the mobile-only payment plan will only cover your mobile devices. So if you want protection all\r    around, it\u2019s best to pay for the full plan.<\/p>\r<h4>Included Features<\/h4>\r<p>Avira Phantom VPN doesn\u2019t offer a ton of standout features but it checks most of the boxes for protection.<\/p>\r<p>Features include:<\/p>\r\r\r\r\r<ul><li>Killswitch (only for paid subscribers)<\/li><li>Unlimited bandwidth (only for paid subscribers)<\/li><li>Tech support<\/li><li>Military-grade encryption protocol<\/li><li>Browser safety<\/li><\/ul><p>The browser safety add-on further increases your overall safety as it blocks ads, protects against unwanted programs\r    during downloads, checks for malicious sites, and offers tracker protection.<\/p>\r<h4>Privacy and Logging<\/h4>\r<p>On the surface, the service appears to offer good privacy. It does not require email registration for the free tier\r    and accepts PayPal. Still, there\u2019s no Bitcoin payment option for those who want true anonymity online.<\/p>\r<p>In terms of logging, their privacy policy states they do not track your real IP address or track browsing activity.\r    Still, the policy admits they log the amount of data you use and whether you\u2019re a free or paid user.<\/p>\r<p>Overall, TechRadar states, \u201c<i>... None of that constitutes any significant privacy risk, and many commercial VPNs\r    record similar details, often even more.<\/i>\u201d<\/p>\r<p>Perhaps the biggest hurdle in terms of privacy is its location. Avira is in Germany, which means they must comply\r    with data retention laws. As of 2016, the company may be required to hold on to identifiable data to comply with\r    local law. Still, any data they track is anonymous. This means they would have nothing to share if called upon by\r    the government to turn over information.<\/p>\r<h4>Performance<\/h4>\r<p>While Avira Phantom delivers on many fronts, it sadly falls flat on performance. Its unimpressive speeds disappointed\r    reviewers. When they tested across different locations around the world, they could only reach roughly 14% of their\r    base transfer speed.<\/p>\r<p>Still, many reviewers found speeds fast in the US, UK and Germany. And considering most of its 100 servers are\r    located in the US and Europe, that\u2019s a relatively good sign. It just means you shouldn\u2019t connect to the Asia or\r    Mexico servers if speed is important.<\/p>\r<h4>Support<\/h4>\r<p>If you pay for a monthly or yearly subscription, you have access to 24\/7 telephone support. There\u2019s also a support\r    forum you can search to see if anyone has encountered the problem you\u2019re facing before. There are also knowledge\r    base articles but reviewers found they don\u2019t provide a lot of detail.<\/p>\r<h4>Summary<\/h4>\r<p>Avira Phantom VPN doesn\u2019t offer the most features and isn\u2019t the fastest VPN on the block, but it provides a generous\r    set of features for a free option and good privacy. With that said, it doesn\u2019t offer too much in the way of\r    customization and its lack of server locations and mediocre speeds make it hard for experts to recommend paying for\r    the service.<\/p>\r<p>PC Mag notes, \u201c<i>... Avira offers much of what we\u2019re looking for in a VPN, at a reasonable price\u2026 That said, the app is\r    in need of a visual overhaul, and its server offering is far from robust.<\/i>\u201d<\/p>\r<p>PC World adds, \u201c<i>... You can definitely find VPNs with faster speeds. What you get with Avira, however, is the comfort\r    of knowing who\u2019s behind your VPN, the knowledge its run by security experts, and a very liberal simultaneous use\r    policy.<\/i>\u201d<\/p>",
    "pros_list": [
        "Generous free plan",
        "Unlimited simultaneous connections",
        "24\/7 phone support",
    "cons_list": [
        "Mediocre performance outside the US, UK, and Germany",
        "Few features",
        "No anonymous payment option",
    "verdict": "<p>Avira Phantom VPN offers an okay experience and is good for people on a budget but drops the ball on features and speed. It\u2019s a good option for people who want occasional protection when traveling or using public Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, it might fall short of expectations for more experienced VPN users.<br><\/p>",
    "suggest_correction_link": {
        "value": "Avira Phantom VPN"
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