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    "name": "VPNhub",
    "slug": "vpnhub",
    "is_published": true,
    "is_discontinued": false,
    "aka": null,
    "is_editors_pick": false,
    "affiliate_url": "https:\/\/\/",
    "headquarter": "Canada",
    "start_price": {
        "value": "3.49",
        "currency": "$"
    "plans_pricing": null,
    "free_trial": {
        "value": "7",
        "unit": "day"
    "money_back": null,
    "payment_options": [
    "id_required": "valid_email_address",
    "locations": "18",
    "number_of_servers": "826",
    "devices_per_license": null,
    "connections": "3",
    "unl_bandwidth": true,
    "double_vpn": false,
    "netflix": false,
    "torrent": true,
    "bitcoin": false,
    "non-us-company": false,
    "protocols": [
    "encryption": [
    "no_tracking": false,
    "dedicated_ip": false,
    "vpn_over_tor": true,
    "wifi_leak_protection": false,
    "private_dns_server": true,
    "dns_leak_protection": true,
    "ip_leak_protection": true,
    "webrtc_leak_protection": true,
    "ipv6_leak_protection": true,
    "kill_switch": true,
    "os": [
    "mobile_app": true,
    "router": false,
    "browser_extension": false,
    "24_7_support": false,
    "live_chat_support": false,
    "phone_support": {
        "value": 0,
        "description": null
    "email_support": {
        "value": 1,
        "description": "<p><br><\/p>"
    "terms_info": null,
    "terms_url": "https:\/\/\/tos.php",
    "summary": "<p>Everyone\u2019s getting into the VPN business, even the adult website Pornhub. While their background might not seem like\r    a good fit for the VPN market, they\u2019re dedicated to anonymity for their subscribers and non-subscribers alike. But\r    how good is a VPN that\u2019s made by an adult site?<\/p>\r<h4>Pricing<\/h4>\r<p>If you\u2019re looking for an affordable VPN for your iOS or Android device, then you can\u2019t get any better than free.\r    VPNhub provides a free plan with unlimited bandwidth, but only for mobile devices and only one a single US\r    server.<\/p>\r<p>If you want more options for devices and servers, you must pay for their premium service.<\/p>\r<p>VPNhub\u2019s month-to-month option is pricey. However, jumping for an annual package drops prices substantially.<\/p>\r<p>They also offer a 7-day free trial if you want to try before you buy.<\/p>\r<!--more-->\r<h4>Supported Devices<\/h4>\r<p>VPNhub covers the basics of Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows but there\u2019s no browser extension support. This means\r    you can\u2019t use the service if you\u2019re using a public computer.<\/p>\r<h4>Ease of Use<\/h4>\r<p>VPNhub\u2019s interface is easy to navigate and simple. If you pay for the premium version, you have the option to change\r    your encryption protocol and location.<\/p>\r<p>Reviewers note it\u2019s very straightforward and perfect for those who are new to VPNs. If you want more customization,\r    you can access them through settings.<\/p>\r<h4>Simultaneous Connections<\/h4>\r<p>This is one area where VPNhub falls short. You can only connect up to three devices at the same time. Most paid VPNs allow up to five simultaneous connections.<\/p>\r<h4>Included Features<\/h4>\r<p>Despite being relatively new to the VPN market, VPNhub provides a respectable set of features, such as:<\/p>\r\r\r\r\r<ul><li>Killswitch<\/li><li>OpenVPN protocol<\/li><li>Scramble option<\/li><li>Free unlimited bandwidth (for Android and iOS)<\/li><li>825 servers in 18 countries (and counting)<\/li><\/ul><p>Scramble allows you to hide you\u2019re using a VPN. You\u2019d use this feature if you\u2019re trying to access things like Hulu\r    or Netflix in geo-restricted areas.<\/p>\r<h4>Privacy and Logging<\/h4>\r<p>If you\u2019re looking to protect your identity, then you might want to choose another option. VPNhub\u2019s services are in\r    the US. Not an ideal location for protecting personal data.<\/p>\r<p>With that said, the company\u2019s privacy policy states they do not log any user data when the app is in use. However,\r    they collect aggregate or non-personal information to share with third parties for advertising, marketing, or\r    research.<\/p>\r<p>When used as an app, there\u2019s even more privacy concerns as you pay via your Google or Apple account. This ties any\r    identifiable information on your main account to the VPN. VPNhub also asks for sensitive permissions from your\r    phone -- such as identity, contacts, device information, and photos.<\/p>\r<p>While these are not enabled right now, reviewers worry there is an option to turn on these permissions later.<\/p>\r<h4>Performance<\/h4>\r<p>In general, reviewers were happy with the performance -- even with the free version.<\/p>\r<p>Most servers were very fast. As expected, servers further away performed slower. Activating Scramble, lowered them\r    yet again. Still, reviewers had no trouble with HD video streaming.<\/p>\r<h4>Support<\/h4>\r<p>VPNhub doesn\u2019t offer customer support. There is no forum, live chat, phone support, or email functionality. If you\r    run into any issues with the service, you\u2019ll need to check the FAQ. However, reviewers found the questions and\r    answers available limited.<\/p><p>_<\/p>\r<h4>Summary<\/h4>\r<p>If you\u2019re looking for a simple VPN for your mobile device, VPNhub might be a good option. For those looking for a\r    more powerful service, other options offer better privacy and pricing.<\/p>\r<p>TechRadar states, \u201c<i>VPNhub\u2019s free unlimited bandwidth plan has some appeal\u2026 but potential privacy issues and buggy\r    clients make it hard to recommend.<\/i>\u201d<\/p>",
    "pros_list": [
        "Easy and intuitive interface",
        "Kill switch support",
        "Great performance across servers",
        "Free mobile option with unlimited bandwidth",
    "cons_list": [
        "Expensive compared to other VPNs",
        "No browser extensions",
        "Located in the US",
        "No customer support channels",
    "verdict": "<p>While the free mobile option might be great for people who want to encrypt and protect their information when using public Wi-Fi, those looking for better privacy protection and more features are better off looking elsewhere.<br><\/p>",
    "suggest_correction_link": {
        "value": "VPNhub"
    "additionalcomments": null,
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