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    "name": "TunnelBear",
    "slug": "tunnel-bear",
    "is_published": true,
    "is_discontinued": false,
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    "affiliate_url": "http:\/\/\/click-6566971-13589698",
    "company": "TunnelBear",
    "aka": "Tunnel Bear",
    "headquarter": "Canada",
    "provider_vpn": "https:\/\/\/",
    "start_price": {
        "value": "4.99",
        "currency": "$"
    "plans_pricing": "https:\/\/\/aff_c?offer_id=36&aff_id=6364",
    "free_trial": {
        "value": "500",
        "unit": "MB every Month"
    "money_back": "0",
    "payment_options": [
    "id_required": "valid_email_address",
    "locations": "22",
    "number_of_servers": "354",
    "devices_per_license": "5",
    "connections": "5",
    "unl_bandwidth": true,
    "app_throttling": true,
    "double_vpn": true,
    "netflix": false,
    "torrent": false,
    "bitcoin": true,
    "non-us-company": true,
    "protocols": [
    "encryption": [
    "no_tracking": true,
    "dedicated_ip": false,
    "vpn_over_tor": false,
    "p2p_allowed": false,
    "wifi_leak_protection": false,
    "private_dns_server": false,
    "dns_leak_protection": true,
    "ip_leak_protection": true,
    "webrtc_leak_protection": true,
    "ipv6_leak_protection": false,
    "kill_switch": true,
    "os": [
    "mobile_app": true,
    "router": true,
    "browser_extension": true,
    "24_7_support": false,
    "live_chat_support": true,
    "phone_support": {
        "value": 0,
        "description": null
    "email_support": {
        "value": 1,
        "description": "<p><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--><br><\/p>"
    "terms_info": null,
    "terms_url": "https:\/\/\/tos",
    "summary": "<p>You might not have heard of TunnelBear, but you\u2019ve probably heard of their parent company, McAfee. The service is\r    known for its user-friendly interface, low pricing, and bear puns. How does TunnelBear stack up to the competition?\r    Let\u2019s see what others have to say.<\/p>\r<h4>Pricing<\/h4>\r<p>TunnelBear is one of the only VPN providers that offer a completely free version.<\/p>\r<p>It\u2019s not a free trial, it\u2019s a free monthly plan. But, as you might expect, the free version is very limited with\r    only a 500MB\/month bandwidth. You can add to your bandwidth allotment though if you tweet something about\r    TunnelBear.<\/p>\r<p>If you want faster service, you\u2019ll need to pay. But their monthly prices are reasonable. They also offer a discount\r    when you opt for yearly service.<\/p>\r<!--more-->\r<h4>Supported Devices<\/h4>\r<p>TunnelBear supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. You can use browser plug-ins for Chrome and Opera as\r    well. Unfortunately, there\u2019s no support for Firefox, Safari, or other browsers.<\/p>\r<h4>Ease of Use<\/h4>\r<p>If you\u2019re looking for something simple, you\u2019ve come to the right place.<\/p>\r<p>Reviewers found TunnelBear incredibly easy to set up and start using thanks to the software available. All they\r    needed to do was start the app and choose their location.<\/p>\r<p>There aren\u2019t a lot of settings. If you\u2019re a power user, this might not be the service for you. But TechRadar states,\r    \u201c<i>... The few [features] you get are very useful.<\/i>\u201d<\/p>\r<h4>Simultaneous Connections<\/h4>\r<p>Each account allows for up to 5 simultaneous connections on either the free or paid plans. This is par for the\r    course with popular VPN options. If you need to connect more devices you might be better off with something like\r    <a href=\"\/vpn\/nord-vpn-722\/\">NordVPN<\/a> or <a href=\"\/vpn\/vpn-unlimited-742\/\">VPN Unlimited<\/a>.<\/p>\r<h4>Included Features<\/h4>\r<p>Despite its simplicity, TunnelBear offers useful features such as:<\/p>\r<ul><li>Load on start<\/li>\r    <li>Auto-activation on non-trusted networks<\/li>\r    <li>VigilantBear -- a kill switch to prevent identity leaks<\/li>\r    <li>GhostBear -- a service makes your activities look like standard internet traffic<\/li>\r    <li>P2P support<\/li>\r<\/ul><br><h4>Privacy and Logging<\/h4>\r<p>While you might not be able to change your protocol, critics note you probably won\u2019t need to as the client uses\r    OpenVPN, offering government-grade encryption. Unfortunately, iOS users cannot access this protocol and can only\r    use IKEv2. But most experts consider IKEv2 good enough.<\/p>\r<p>For added flexibility, you can use TCP or UDP connections. However, reviewers noticed that they could not get online\r    using the Windows client unless they enabled TCP connections.<\/p>\r<p>In terms of logging, TunnelBear provides an in-depth privacy policy covering what they do and do not log.<\/p>\r<p>Overall, while they collect information, they do not store IP addresses, DNS queries, or information regarding other\r    activities how you use TunnelBear.<\/p>\r<p>More importantly, the company promises they will not disclose, sell, or trade personal information with third-party\r    companies.<\/p>\r<p>If that\u2019s not enough, TunnelBear also completed two independent code audits to find potential security issues with\r    their service. They also explained every aspect of the company\u2019s operation in a recent transparency project.<\/p>\r<p>While all of this is voluntary, PC Mag notes, \u201c<i>Both of these efforts go along way to establishing TunnelBear as a\r        company that takes its role as a security company very seriously\u2026<\/i>\u201d<\/p>\r<h4>Performance<\/h4>\r<p>While limited to only 20 countries, TunnelBear offers more than 1,500 servers to route your traffic through.<\/p>\r<p>Reviewers had no problems connecting to a server. While their ping times varied depending on which server they used,\r    reviewers made no mention of significant slowdowns using the standard service.<\/p>\r<p>But performance dropped noticeably when using GhostBear. The company itself suggests using this mode only when\r    necessary as it can reduce performance up to 50 percent.<\/p>\r<h4>Support<\/h4>\r<p>TunnelBear\u2019s help site is the first line of support.<\/p>\r<p>While it appears user-friendly and clear, reviewers found the documentation offered lacking. However, most reviews\r    found that the information available was well presented.<\/p>\r<p>For other questions, TunnelBear has a contact page to message the support team. Though TunnelBear states that\r    support requests may take up to 48 hours, most reviewers received responses to their questions in around an hour.\r    Better still, the replies they received generally provided helpful information and even some documentation.<\/p>\r<h4>Summary<\/h4>\r<p>TunnelBear doesn\u2019t offer a ton of features but reviewers enjoyed using it with many recommending it for most users\r    as a basic level of protection.<\/p>\r<p>Tom\u2019s Guide notes, \u201c<i>It\u2019s moderately priced, has user-friendly software, and offers decent network performance.<\/i>\u201d<\/p>",
    "pros_list": [
        "Excellent privacy policy",
        "Super easy to set-up and use",
        "Moderately priced with a decent free plan",
        "Strong security features",
    "cons_list": [
        "Not much content in help pages",
        "Only 20 server locations",
        "Not a lot of features",
    "verdict": "<p>While it\u2019s not the largest or most powerful VPN service available, TunnelBear VPN is great for people who don\u2019t want or need a lot of customizability or features.\u00a0<br><\/p>",
    "suggest_correction_link": {
        "value": "TunnelBear"
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