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Im off work with know pay right know is there any way I can keep my phone on without paying?

answer Kelvin Loyd DRAFT 30-03-2020 Edit Delete

No Go.  Nuance still with me.


answer Robert Andrews PUBLIC 30-03-2020 Edit Delete

Tried your plan, but no go!

answer Robert Andrews PUBLIC 30-03-2020 Edit Delete

How do you close nuance on a Samsung Gusto 3??

answer Robert Andrews DRAFT 30-03-2020 Edit Delete

Can I please get an extension I'm off work due to the covid19 pandemic and wont have any money until the first of april

answer Allen hughes PUBLIC 29-03-2020 Edit Delete

Need more time to pay my bill

answer Gloria lee DRAFT 29-03-2020 Edit Delete

Just wanted to add that its 2020 and knock on wood, my iPhone 5 is still going strong. Best engineered iPhone yet!

review Branden PUBLIC 28-03-2020 Edit Delete

I would like to pay my bill online. I used to pay 23 $ . Thank you

answer Rima Alatch DRAFT 28-03-2020 Edit Delete

dear folks, i needa FREEcelphone as i live on just over $800. a month. if it's free, why do trhey all have prices attached? 

i'm 65, disabled for over 20 years. i should have a way to call for help if and when i need it. with social isoilation, i needto have a tool to talk to the crisis line, the paramedics, my partner, friends. i end up in hospital at least twice a year. it's scary to be out and if i go down, fall or lose feelingss and function in my legs, fall,m and,if i fall outside, the osteoporosis, plus the fragile, thin "neck" of my hip is quite thin. doctors expect if i fall outside, i'll likely break my hip. i have shrunk from 6 ft 2 in. to 5 ft 8 in, degenerative disc disease. severe, chronic pain, nausea, and vomiting.

is there a freecelphone? how doi apply? what models are free? how long wiull it take ? is the phone package free too?

i hope you can help me soon.i want to start taking walks outside. no pay phones, i cant afford a phone, with my health problems, and limitted CPP, AND OAS JUST OVER 800 A MONTH. SOI I NEED A TOTAL FREEBIE. YOUR ADD SAID "FREE CELPHONES FOR SENIORS" WHERE ARE THEY, HOW DO I GET ONE. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP. I NEED TO BE MORE CAPABLE. I NEED TO WALK, OR I'LL GET EVEN MORE BRITTLE BONES. IF THE PHONES HAVE any capital investment, i cant do it.

please respond asap.



blogpost jay king DRAFT 24-03-2020 Edit Delete

Same problem. Light blinking, have pressed the reset a bunch. held down power button, power + "+", all three and nothing. just blinking red light.

answer Che DRAFT 23-03-2020 Edit Delete

Can I please get a extension till next week I'm off work can't pay my bill. My bill is due tomorrow

answer Hester Bryant DRAFT 20-03-2020 Edit Delete

Can I please get a extension till next week I'm off work can't pay my bill. My bill is due tomorrow

answer Hester Bryant DRAFT 20-03-2020 Edit Delete

Can I please get a extension till next week I'm off work can't pay my bill. My bill is due tomorrow

answer Hester Bryant DRAFT 20-03-2020 Edit Delete

Can I please get a extension till next week I'm off work can't pay my bill

answer Hester Bryant DRAFT 20-03-2020 Edit Delete

Worst customer service. They first promised me that they would give me a "rebate" during christmas and said that I would get 200 minutes and get unlimited weekends and unlimited after 6:00 pm and then they lie and say the rebate is gone and that I get punished for chatting for 352 minutes and then charge me $78.02. Even manager said they don't do christmas promotions. I had to make a deal to get unlimited weekend and unlimited after 6:00 pm and they say they will charge me a $200 penalty if I don't fulfill their contract. Don't go to this company. A 0/10.

review Fan DRAFT 19-03-2020 Edit Delete

I read this blog how to connect i18 bluetooth earbuds to iPhone. It's helpful blog. Check this link 

answer Neelam Sharma PUBLIC 18-03-2020 Edit Delete

I have a pair of i18 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds to apple. Thanks Carl

answer Neelam Sharma PUBLIC 18-03-2020 Edit Delete

Sorry! Kindly excuse me for my mistect. Iam very pleased for your responding. Thanx

answer Manihar DRAFT 18-03-2020 Edit Delete

Awesome to hear you've had good luck with your Kobos. Comfort while reading in bed is definitely a big consideration when picking an e-reader!

blogpost Jon Stone PUBLIC 17-03-2020 Edit Delete

I have had 3 Kobo readers and 1 Kindle. The Kobos had all been excellent and no problems with any of them. (Apart from dropping and cracking the screen on first one) Battery life has been excellent and print size and format very easy to set up. I have been using the last two for the past 4 years and not likely to change any time in the future unless I drop another one. The Kindle is more bulky and slightly heavier which is harder to use when lying in bed reading.

blogpost Dave PUBLIC 17-03-2020 Edit Delete

I like to ask for a two month extention. to pay my bill. i heard metro offering this. this phone my only communication. im out of work. due to this coronavirus. please. if anything you can do. i have my babies who are sick. and need my phone. thank you very much. 

answer joseph martin DRAFT 16-03-2020 Edit Delete

Unable to start camera.check if any third-party apps are using camera resources (such as torch).close them and try again

answer Carmella DRAFT 15-03-2020 Edit Delete

I have been with Public Mobile for a month. I purchased an add-on yesterday so I could make a call to the UK. I still can't make the call. There is no-one to ask, the Q/A online is useless: this phone "service provider" doesn't have a phone number! A human being would be helpful to explain why they've taken my money but I still can't call internationally.

review Angry customer PUBLIC 14-03-2020 Edit Delete

One-Touch small battery couldn't keep its charge even on 2nd new battery (I've heard similar problems with this unit its mostly battery).  The GO-FLIP  we have had one for at least 4 years now bot it on the internet though a Canadian company, larger  battery than the one touch .1 charge lasts a couple of weeks, clear, loud enuff for a person wearing a hearing aid  I highly recommend this phone

blogpost Fred PUBLIC 14-03-2020 Edit Delete

A buyer I've got nothing to do with that, but might wanna know what phone the seller tryna list. Fake/orgn

blogpost Debb DRAFT 12-03-2020 Edit Delete

I used to read on a kobo, then received a kindle fire. On kobo you can read kindle books but not the other way around. This is a dilemma since I have books on both. When I try to install the kobo app on my kindle, it wont let me. How can I transfer my kobo books to my kindle so that I read from one e-reader. Thanks

blogpost Cristina Pecora PUBLIC 06-03-2020 Edit Delete

I put a numerical password on my tablet and now have no idea what it is. I've tried different ones that I thought might be it but aren't correct. It also rebooted in Chinese. Frustrated and worried

answer Jamie Abraham PUBLIC 02-03-2020 Edit Delete

Hey Vicky!

I'm sad to read about your experience while roaming and with . We'll be happy to take a closer look at that with you. Just send us a private message via Facebook or Twitter at your leisure. :)

Hope to chat with you soon!


review FidoSolutions PUBLIC 02-03-2020 Edit Delete

Google Voice is not available in Canada

blogpost Dahlia Kohen DRAFT 27-02-2020 Edit Delete

Extension till March 3 rd

answer Richard Burr DRAFT 26-02-2020 Edit Delete

I had an older kobo years ago, it still had an actual button to turn pages. The button fell off after a couple of months of use. The replacement device did exactly the same thing in the same time period. I was told by customer service that it was a known issue for that device but that if it were to happen again I would not get another replacement. I was also not able to upgrade and pay the difference. 

Kobo’s customer service is terrible enough that even if they had the best device by far with a much lower price point I still wouldn’t buy another Kobo. 

blogpost Lisa DRAFT 24-02-2020 Edit Delete

I did the same, but its still not done yet. I have done this with a number which I wish to block but the caller is still able to call. The phone doesn't ring but it behaves like it is on silent (screen flashes up with the number). whats the solution

answer amit PUBLIC 24-02-2020 Edit Delete

I also did that, but its still not working. I have done this with a number which I wish to block but the caller is still able to call. The phone doesn't ring but it behaves like it is on silent (screen flashes up with the number). whats the sollution

answer amit DRAFT 24-02-2020 Edit Delete

I can't find replacement battery for this phone anywhere. This is the 3rd time I had to replace assurance wireless phone

answer Miriam DRAFT 23-02-2020 Edit Delete

You get what you pay for, its cheap for a reason :) 

review Candace Lytle PUBLIC 22-02-2020 Edit Delete

I try to log in and it doesnt recognize my email so i try and register and it says my emails in use. You cant get a moderators help if you cant log in.  

review Candace Lytle PUBLIC 22-02-2020 Edit Delete

Hey Bill -- we definitely agree that 4G support is important. Unfortunately, the number of models available for 4G flip phones is simply lower with so many manufacturers focusing on smartphones.

However, 4G flips are gaining momentum again -- likely due to the network shutdowns on the horizon -- so we'll hopefully see new options available soon that can provide a bit more future-proofing.

blogpost Jon Stone PUBLIC 21-02-2020 Edit Delete

Thanks for your feedback on that model Clement. If you own the 2015X, we'd love if you shared your thoughts with a quick review.

blogpost Branden PUBLIC 21-02-2020 Edit Delete

Hi Nathan. MetroPCS now only gives you a bill extension of 48 hours. To get the extension, you will have to wait for your account to be suspended. Once this happens, you will have to contact Metro by T-Mobile or visit a physical store for assistance. Hope all goes well for you. Good luck!

answer Carl PUBLIC 20-02-2020 Edit Delete

I have a Alctel phone and I want to delete call history and not one call at a time?

answer Thomas Shields PUBLIC 19-02-2020 Edit Delete

have you tried calling support? sonim offers comprehensive 3 year support on this device for FREE, they will fix or replace for any reason within the 3 years, they do have fantastic support i have worked with on several occasions(these phones had several bugs upon being rolled out) but most have been fixed, i would highly reccomend them

review corrigan PUBLIC 19-02-2020 Edit Delete

programmable keys are one of my favorite things on this phone, i use the "double tap" power button for camera, yellow for "torch"(flashlight) and PTT for ZELLO, the SOS button gets reassigned frequently depending on my needs that day. if you disable telus link it wont take over(this happens after updates to telus link) you can also use them for STEALTH mode among others, you just need to know how to do it:)

review Corrigan PUBLIC 19-02-2020 Edit Delete

this phone DOES indeed have wifi calling however the carrier must also have support for this, for example on public mobile this feature will not work however on telus it will be able to register for wifi calling, even though they are both "telus" companies it comes down to carrier settings unrelated to this phone(just like the dual sim card option that is only available for certain people at this time)

review Corrigan PUBLIC 19-02-2020 Edit Delete

Plz complain is attending this

answer Amjad ali DRAFT 19-02-2020 Edit Delete

Camera has stopped unexpectedly

answer Amjad PUBLIC 19-02-2020 Edit Delete

Worst company I have ever tried to deal with!

review norval peterson PUBLIC 19-02-2020 Edit Delete

Is there texting options on these phone? 

blogpost Bernadette Hughes DRAFT 17-02-2020 Edit Delete

I'm using huawei p8 max and i find it hard to use my camera and flashlight

answer Lindiwe Madlebe DRAFT 15-02-2020 Edit Delete

I have the same problem please assist... I'm using huawei p8 max 

answer Lindiwe Madlebe PUBLIC 15-02-2020 Edit Delete

This list ignores the fact that most major carriers are officially desupporting 3G network as of 2020-12-31.  Some will leave the 3G networks running until 2025, but if it breaks they aren't fixing it.  So realistically and 3G phone hits end of life at the end of this year.  So if you plan on using you phone for a year or more you can cross off all 3G phones from your list.


blogpost Bill C Riemers PUBLIC 12-02-2020 Edit Delete

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