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I need a extension 

answer Elizabeth DRAFT 22-10-2020 Edit Delete

Yes I have a Samsung Gravity 3 on T-Mobile..I LOVE this phone 

Makes Calls.... Easy texting w/Mechanical Keyboard .

Does Everything I want & Nothing I dont want.

Gladly pay $100 for this in G4 instead of G3.

blogpost Cranky old man DRAFT 21-10-2020 Edit Delete

Guess what - I REALLY HATE this outfit! If you have a problem you won't be able even to contact them!

review Michael PUBLIC 21-10-2020 Edit Delete

Do these apps offer a new version recently? FYI Google Play Music was discontinued and replaced by YouTube Music.

answer Carl PUBLIC 21-10-2020 Edit Delete

Apps like zoom, dream league soccer, and now Google play music

answer Byron PUBLIC 20-10-2020 Edit Delete

Hi Rejith. Try checking in your phone's app store. If it's not there, then support is already discontinued.

answer Carl PUBLIC 20-10-2020 Edit Delete

Hi Victor. You can find Koodo Mobile's contact number here.

review Carl PUBLIC 20-10-2020 Edit Delete


review VICTOR CHINNOCK PUBLIC 19-10-2020 Edit Delete

Can I download and use whatsapp in e71.

answer Rejith john joseph PUBLIC 19-10-2020 Edit Delete

It started after I soft and hard resettled my phone

answer Dylan DRAFT 19-10-2020 Edit Delete

Hi there. Please check my answer.

answer Carl PUBLIC 19-10-2020 Edit Delete


answer angela aspinal DRAFT 17-10-2020 Edit Delete


answer Eddie DRAFT 17-10-2020 Edit Delete

Please send me a phone number I can call to stop the robo calls.

blogpost Charlie Robb Jr. DRAFT 14-10-2020 Edit Delete

Hi LY! Thanks for for the heads up. We've adjusted the information provided!

blogpost Jon Stone PUBLIC 14-10-2020 Edit Delete

 want to pay may account

answer Dalon Swanberg DRAFT 13-10-2020 Edit Delete

I used to have a flip phone, but when it was no longer supported by my provider, I had to switch. I could have got a flip phone with updated internals, but I opted for a smartphone. Why? It has a superior camera and video capabilities, and I can load my music (MP3's) on it. However, I immediately turned it into a dumbphone: removed or disabled all apps, disabled wi-fi and permanently disabled data. I can make phone calls and text messages; that's it.  Parasitic big tech companies feed on you and your smartphone, with one goal in mind: keeping you engaged on your device as long as possible. Why? To make money selling your online habits to the highest bidder, and business is booming. Goggle, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Apple, etc. have become the wealthiest companies ever in the history of humanity.  People are the unwitting product (slaves); your device, the internet and social media are the chains. What will our society look like 20 years from now? Yikes.

blogpost Timothy PUBLIC 13-10-2020 Edit Delete

The Kobo Clara is not waterproof (vs info provided above)

blogpost LY PUBLIC 13-10-2020 Edit Delete

Mate 10

answer Steve DRAFT 11-10-2020 Edit Delete

Huawei y5

answer Charles DRAFT 09-10-2020 Edit Delete

Hi Ruben. The Informr is not affiliated to MetroPCS. Please follow the accepted answer on how to get an extension. Good luck!

answer Carl PUBLIC 08-10-2020 Edit Delete

They said they 'love hearing from the community', yet none of them want to put a reply to any of the comments here!. Guys, please don't waste your time putting a comment here. Thanks!!

blogpost Mr. Eggs DRAFT 06-10-2020 Edit Delete

Hi Vinh. You can try contacting Lucky Mobile. Also, I highly suggest creating a Lucky Mobile selfserve account. It's really useful specially during these times. Good luck!

answer Carl PUBLIC 06-10-2020 Edit Delete

Hi Shanna. Have you tried using a different charger? If you already did, I think bringing to a repair center is the only choice.

answer Carl PUBLIC 06-10-2020 Edit Delete

Its actually not "2G", its "speeds comparable to what you had with 2G". They just throttle your 3G or 4G connection. 3G is going away in a little over a year on AT&T, and Verizon is pretty much done at the end of 2020. I am using a Rubgy 3, and was going to go to the Rugby 4, but it seems that while it supports 4G, it apparently doesn't support VoLTE, so it might not work either. It seems that any "good" feature phone is going to quit working soon, and all that will be left is the super basic phones and the bar style SmartPhone (I would love to buy a Samsung Folder 2, but it pretty much won't work on USA 4G.

blogpost Matt Hill PUBLIC 06-10-2020 Edit Delete

Yes so did i please help

answer lyneese DRAFT 04-10-2020 Edit Delete


answer bettyjean cota DRAFT 03-10-2020 Edit Delete

There are big differences between carriers when it comes to WiFi calling. I have a Telus phone and I live close to the US border and I don't have cell service so I need WiFi calling. The Telus phone roams to the US network instead of using wifi calling. It can't be changed. Also Telus does not support MMS messages on WiFi calling. I also have a Rogers phone and they support MMS messages and I can set it to use wifi calling as a priority. Telus mobility doesn't take WiFi calling seriously.

blogpost Vern Danes PUBLIC 02-10-2020 Edit Delete

Sorry Cheryl, I don't think Journey V has emojis then.

answer Carl PUBLIC 02-10-2020 Edit Delete

Thank you Carl, but # brings up symbols.

answer Cheryl PUBLIC 01-10-2020 Edit Delete

Hi Katina. Did you follow Branden's answer?

answer Carl PUBLIC 01-10-2020 Edit Delete

Have you tried using a different SIM with the phone? If it's just a broken SIM, you can easily order a replacement online.

answer Carl PUBLIC 01-10-2020 Edit Delete

Why would you trust a business line to a low cost carrier?

review Matt DRAFT 01-10-2020 Edit Delete

Looking for an answer to finding emojis for the Orbic Journey V

answer Cheryl DRAFT 30-09-2020 Edit Delete

Well i restarted it and even reset it several times but still not working 

answer Millicent PUBLIC 30-09-2020 Edit Delete

Hi Millicent. Are you getting network signal on your phone? If not, a simple restart usually fixes this. Let me know if that's just it.

answer Carl PUBLIC 30-09-2020 Edit Delete

Hi John. What info are you looking for? Simply login on Public Mobile's selfserve page to check if there's a bill print.

answer Carl PUBLIC 30-09-2020 Edit Delete

I am not able to receive sms's and calls on my phone

answer Millicent PUBLIC 29-09-2020 Edit Delete

Cant turn off notifications without turning off ringtone.

answer Pauline Smith DRAFT 29-09-2020 Edit Delete

I had this phone for three years and reluctantly gave it up for lack of this feature. I transitioned to the LG Still 5, which has the beloved notification light but is simply to big.  I miss the size of the Aristo and was considering a purchase of the most update.  Almost four years later, still no LED, and no, I don't like thw obnoxious flashlight notification alternative. I'm disappointed in the lack of evolution of this phone. I need my notifcation light

answer Hope Austin DRAFT 28-09-2020 Edit Delete

Check the archived messages on the bottom of the list. Let me know if you find it.

answer Carl PUBLIC 28-09-2020 Edit Delete

Hi Yogender. Did you ever change it? I'm pretty sure it's either 1234 or 0000.

answer Carl PUBLIC 28-09-2020 Edit Delete

Can I get an extention on my billphone bill

answer Barbara DRAFT 27-09-2020 Edit Delete

Call baring password is not 1234.0000 plz sand carect password

answer Yogender PUBLIC 27-09-2020 Edit Delete

Absolutely terrible service to try and talk to someone... during calls the calls are either glitching that you only hear half the conversation or call drops all together... have been trying to cancel services for 2 months now and cant get ahold of support at all even after filling out the  form on their website... all they want is the money and tired of paying for now 2 months of service and not using it 

review Trav DRAFT 27-09-2020 Edit Delete

Im with metropcs in Ft.Worth Texas. Their insurance is very BIG hassle. The insurance is not good. They look for ways NOT to take care of a claim to try and force you to buy a new phone. They do want you to pay ur bill on time.

blogpost Gorman Allen DRAFT 27-09-2020 Edit Delete

My phone problem of (HUWAEI C4) is auto restart, please tell me solution of this problem. Following message of above problem on my phone. 

"The user's data partition has crashed". Please choose an action. 

1. Factory data reset

2. Restart

When i choose any one and press "Yes" button but mobile again restart. 

answer Muhammad Ishtiaq PUBLIC 25-09-2020 Edit Delete

Yes WiFi is hidden in my y336 u02

answer Tsegab PUBLIC 25-09-2020 Edit Delete

Can I please have all my massages on WhatsApp for yesterday I delet by mistake

answer Linda Chikuvire PUBLIC 24-09-2020 Edit Delete

I cant remember my pin to get in my phone how can I get past that to make new pin 

blogpost I cant remember my pin for my phone to unlock it h DRAFT 22-09-2020 Edit Delete

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