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This wasnt free for me either.

blogpost Shaban PUBLIC 04-08-2020 Edit Delete

I want to start my own cell shop I had a brother who is running the same business but he dont wana help me out with some money as well as some of his knowledge 

blogpost Franc Ndafik PUBLIC 02-08-2020 Edit Delete

I'm trying to pay my metro bill too. It won't except my account.

answer Lora DRAFT 02-08-2020 Edit Delete

How do i use my Lg Keybo?

Here in the Philippines?

It was only "Search for sevices*?

What would I do now?

answer Ceddie PUBLIC 01-08-2020 Edit Delete

They say call 611, but why?  You cannot get thru. Rating from 1 -10. Chatr is 1.

answer Lori R. Rhule DRAFT 28-07-2020 Edit Delete

I spent an HOUR to ask a question and then it hung up! It's a cellular company, yet the don't have a phone!!!!  Hate this low, bottom of the barrel company. CHATR sucks,

answer Lori R. Rhule DRAFT 28-07-2020 Edit Delete

They still my money too I called them to ask to refound they didn’t accept it 

they’re thieves 

review Sam DRAFT 27-07-2020 Edit Delete

Thank you, I had the similar problem - enter is send-Now got it resolved.

answer Renuka Devi Soundararajan DRAFT 27-07-2020 Edit Delete

Unlock code 

answer Sam bolton DRAFT 27-07-2020 Edit Delete

They are in my eyes a top notch , friendly serve agents always helpful no problem with them it all

review John Jukema PUBLIC 26-07-2020 Edit Delete

Worst phone I've ever used. So hard to navigate around. Will never buy another one.

review Ed PUBLIC 26-07-2020 Edit Delete

Protection plans are expensive. And they do not live up to lost or stolen cell phones. And, you pay very high deductibles as well. Best is not to insure, and you will be taking extra good care of it. Also, these insurance agents show very little care about your situation, and very rudely tell you to pay up the deductible first before wishing to even speak with you about a claim.

blogpost J Roger Trudel PUBLIC 26-07-2020 Edit Delete

I would appreciate if you guys could do that for me I would surely appreciate it thank you Luis

answer Lewis Pettit DRAFT 24-07-2020 Edit Delete

I would like to get a 48-hour extension on my cell phone please my name is Lewis petting my numbers ***-***-*088

answer Lewis Pettit DRAFT 24-07-2020 Edit Delete

I just put in complaints with BBB & CRTC

review Terry Chiasson PUBLIC 22-07-2020 Edit Delete

Need battery. 2000 mAh 

answer Kevin combs DRAFT 22-07-2020 Edit Delete

Use to be good !

review Eric Ellis PUBLIC 21-07-2020 Edit Delete

I had plan as a union worker, very comfortable and not expensive, but if i want to upgrade my phone, they want me to change my plan and because i am no longer employee, i wont get the discount. especially now when i started my own business in i will need few new numbers and cellphones.

blogpost John Smith PUBLIC 21-07-2020 Edit Delete

I had a very bad plan, it was so expensive and the reception was really bad. 

One day i had a technician recommended me to join to his program, that was actually a business program. but it cutted my payment in half.

blogpost Dior Shanana PUBLIC 21-07-2020 Edit Delete

review Michelle Kapelle PUBLIC 20-07-2020 Edit Delete

Update, call customer service and was informed the additional charges were for text messages sent.  I have NEVER sent any messages through my phone yet they still insist I have.  Complete rip off as there is no way of proving I have not sent a text.  It isn’t a lot of money they have stolen, it e principle of paying for something you go have not used! At least have the decency to allow me to view my record of calls and so called texts sent.

review SJ PUBLIC 19-07-2020 Edit Delete

Update, spoke with customer service about extra money being deducted and they claim it was because of text messages I sent. I have NEVER sent any text messages through my account yet they still say I have.  It isn’t a lot of money I know, it is the principle, do not deduct money from my account for something I have never used!

review SJ DRAFT 19-07-2020 Edit Delete

Roam Mobility is still alive?

blogpost IJD DRAFT 18-07-2020 Edit Delete

i got a phone number from chatr on July 15th 2020 and they gave me temp # to get started and plan was to PORT my old number from existing company but it never happened,i called several times at 1800-485-9745 and every time i called its different person and had to go through the whole storey that i was porting the number from old/existing carrier to them and they always said that they are working on it and it can take some time and i did get emails and text from them saying that my port process wasn't completed so wi was calling them back and trying to reach to but the person on the other side would say that they dont know the department and funny thing is that whenever i replied back to those emails ,i never got reply back or confirmation that they have my email and they are working on it.One time i even asked the rep that  if they can assign a case to some specific person on their side and the rep siad NO SIR that is not possible every time i have to dial 1800 485 9745 and go the same was very hard to get hold of these guys,i coudn't even dial *611 from phone number that chatr assigned me.i asked the rep if i can talk to someone at the relationship team and she said she doesn't think anybody is available at this time and she said she will return my money back ,which she said could take 7 business days.So long storey short stay away from this company if u are porting from some other carrier.Or you want a good customer service.

review kamal DRAFT 17-07-2020 Edit Delete

I would like a extension

My vill due  on the 19 of this month

Im dealing with  hardship at the moment..

Thanks in advance

answer Loretta Williams PUBLIC 17-07-2020 Edit Delete

SMS block

answer Anusha DRAFT 16-07-2020 Edit Delete

I have an iPhone 6, which is very handy for emailing, occasional Facebook etc.

However, I have always preferred mobiles with buttons, I have a Telstra Cruise candy bar phone which has the basics, a long life battery which is good.

It has small buttons, not a seniors phone, I am a senior but do not want bells & whistles. 

its good not to be constantly reminded about updates, phone needs backing up and so on.

blogpost Hazel PUBLIC 16-07-2020 Edit Delete

"If access to retail locations is important to you, Kobo takes the lead over Amazon by far."

I question the validity of that statement. There's no mention in the article that Best Buy sells and displays Kindle devices. Recently I made a trip to Best Buy just to see the Oasis in person as I'm thinking about "upgrading" my Paperwhite come Prime Day if it's discounted enough. I wanted to see how it felt in hand and, for those times when I have the need to do so, if it would fit in my pocket (it does, but barely and not as comfortably as the Paperwhite.) That said, you might want to revise the article a little bit in that area. 

blogpost Tony DRAFT 15-07-2020 Edit Delete

Sim active 

blogpost Dipen rabha DRAFT 15-07-2020 Edit Delete

My all certificate was deleted how to recover my cerificate

answer Suvhankar debnath DRAFT 13-07-2020 Edit Delete

My all certificate was deleted how to recover my cerificate

answer Suvhankar debnath DRAFT 13-07-2020 Edit Delete

Wonderful review! I have decided to go with Lucky Mobile!

review Glen LeBlanc PUBLIC 13-07-2020 Edit Delete

Thank you for the wonderful and helpful review, Mr. Shawn. 

review Mirko Bibic PUBLIC 13-07-2020 Edit Delete

Hours on phone trying to get this fixed. Failed.

review Rod Stewart PUBLIC 13-07-2020 Edit Delete


answer Hafis DRAFT 12-07-2020 Edit Delete

Thanks for the feedback Alanic!

Frequencies and networks can be a tricky part to understand for sure! We're glad this guide helped you to understand what you were looking for in a phone and hope it helped you find an affordable option that was perfect for your needs.

blogpost Jon Stone PUBLIC 11-07-2020 Edit Delete

Hi George!

Getting a good deal on your cell phone plan is about finding a plan that offers what you need without a bunch of extra stuff you'll never use. While I can't say for sure if that plan is the absolute best for you because I don't know your needs, our comparison tool makes it easy to look through the options available in Canada and compare prices and features.

blogpost Jon Stone PUBLIC 11-07-2020 Edit Delete

Great article!!

Informative, to the point and comprehensive. I liked the embedded related links to, because I didn't fully get frequencies/ networks for the life of me.

Helped me put things into perspective, the prices are reasonable too. I've been looking on BestBuy.Ca and that's what I was seeing, so I don't know what that other commenter was talking about. Can't please them all I guess.

blogpost Alanic PUBLIC 11-07-2020 Edit Delete

I always had a cell phones from telus and blocked. I have 23 more days and I can unlock my two phones. At that time I'm  going to look at the best contract I can get. Telus is now offering cross Canada and usa with free long distance and 20 giab for a$65. X 2 for two lines A mouth is that a good deal this is the first time for me. 

blogpost George Lussier PUBLIC 11-07-2020 Edit Delete

I need to know if my account is cancelled as soon as possible

review Wilson Plowman DRAFT 10-07-2020 Edit Delete

This is the worst phone I have ever had.  Ability to send text messages goes in and out, cannot  figure out how to get it to send.  Verizon should be ashamed to even offer this phone, it's nothing more than a piece of junk.

review carol oneill-moon PUBLIC 09-07-2020 Edit Delete
64342 Customizable Plan, Cheap rates, Great Network Coverage PLUS US coverage.Their customer service (by email) is quite good as well--friendly and prompt, efficient, and helpful.

USE X4YMKN to get $10 credit applied when activating SIM.

review Curt VD DRAFT 08-07-2020 Edit Delete

It works bro..

answer Batman PUBLIC 06-07-2020 Edit Delete

I tryed

answer Faye Bird PUBLIC 05-07-2020 Edit Delete

I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not but it needs to be addressed. 

review Micah Jensen PUBLIC 04-07-2020 Edit Delete

Download activity launcher from play store then search protected apps then long press protected apps then click on launch activity then set password and hide apps 

answer Ayush joshi DRAFT 03-07-2020 Edit Delete

Hi Quachson, it appears that Ultra Mobile does not charge activation fees. You can find more information about their policies in their FAQ here:

blogpost Jon Stone PUBLIC 01-07-2020 Edit Delete

How about ultra mobile for it cost activate SIM card ?

blogpost Sonquach DRAFT 01-07-2020 Edit Delete

How about ultra mobile for it cost activate SIM card ?

blogpost Quachson PUBLIC 01-07-2020 Edit Delete

How do I reset voice mail password? 

answer Daryll Bateson DRAFT 01-07-2020 Edit Delete

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