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TouchPal Keyboard is an excellent alternative to Android’s native keyboard. Texting remains a frustrating task for many smartphone users. Small virtual keys and over-eager predictive text engines often cause repeated presses of the delete/back button, diminishing the experience and making what should be a simple event a labor.

For these reasons and others we were heartened to discover TouchPal Keyboard, a wonderful and highly capable alternative to the native Android texting solution.

TouchPal Keyboard is a superior virtual keyboard blushing with robust features that make texting truly enjoyable. For example, tapping the delete/back button removes the last character entered, but swiping the same key removes the entire word. This sliding input innovation is a welcome enhancement, and is used in numerous ways to provide much faster input.

When testing the TouchPal Keyboard, we were amazed at how much faster and more accurately we were able to type. It almost seemed that if our thumbs were in the general area of a needed letter, the application figured out the rest.

Using TouchPal Keyboard was like going from a sluggish 4-cylinder compact to an 8-cylinder sports car.

TouchPal Keyboard provides an onboard option bar that includes direct access to Twitter, voice input and a real-time graph that displays your texting speed. The contextual prediction is spot on and quick, and the ability to configure multiple layouts is an added plus.

It's the winner of the Global Mobile Innovation Award and free to download. It will make your texting faster and much more enjoyable. With many skins to choose from and many ways to customize the keyboard, users will find this powerful texting app a welcome upgrade.