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Where can I buy this multi feature smart phone in India?

<a href=""> imported Products at Online </a> Wide Variety of products at Indian Market with Cheap and Best Price. Shop from USA to India.

williamivor DRAFT 24-01-2020 Edit Delete
Can i keep my number?

i have a number from rogers, can i keep my nummber?

Enns DRAFT 24-01-2020 Edit Delete
I bought a used phone locked to rogers is there any way I can unlcock it?

Yes.  You call Rogers and ask them to unlock it.  They do it for free...all carriers do it for free, they have to as of Dec. 2017.

Gail Dempsey DRAFT 23-01-2020 Edit Delete
What is Garmin Express

Garmin Express is an application that helps you in registering and managing your other Garmin device. It also monitors and watches the work of Garmin devices on your computer. It can also be used for registration of a new product, store all the fitness data, synchronization of the remote device data and everything else concerned. 

Download Garmin Express

John DRAFT 23-01-2020 Edit Delete
How do I remove the news feed on my lock screen

I want to know how I can delete the news feed on my UMX it will not allow me to do anything can somebody help me with it please

Josh DRAFT 21-01-2020 Edit Delete
How to disable double tap to unlock on the Samsung Galaxy Young 2?

It didn't  work

James PUBLIC 21-01-2020 Edit Delete
not able to access camera 2 times in Motorola phone

I am using Motorola phone and i want to access a camera 2 times using web application but i am not able to access this. 

Atul Kumar PUBLIC 21-01-2020 Edit Delete
How to get out of safe mode on Kyocera Hydro Wave?

not really

stephanie DRAFT 17-01-2020 Edit Delete
How do I download SHAREit on my Samsung Z2?

How can i download shareit aap on samsung z2

lefanti DRAFT 16-01-2020 Edit Delete
Download a free PDF copy of the Orbic Journey V user manual here.

Hi there. If you visit Orbic Journey V page here in The Informr, you can find the download link for the manual near the bottom of the page. Or here's a direct clickable link of Orbic Journey V Manual (PDF).

Carl PUBLIC 15-01-2020 Edit Delete
Won’t receive calls or text sometimes

My umx is turned on but 1 of my contacts all of a sudden wont ring thru it goes straight to cm. What do I do


Angela PUBLIC 15-01-2020 Edit Delete
Download a free PDF copy of the Orbic Journey V user manual here.

Need a users manual, but can't find one.  Also, need to know how to retrieve messages.

Please advise.

Thank you.

joyce norman PUBLIC 14-01-2020 Edit Delete
My government issued umx model U683CL turns on but in a bunch of different languages and i cant get past it. can i reset it somehow?

MY PHON3 has no obtion to factory hard set when i try

JESSE PUBLIC 14-01-2020 Edit Delete
Does the Nokia 106 have a call blocker feature?

how to block all unkown numbers on nokia 106  like neda phone or others do

Asghar Khan PUBLIC 14-01-2020 Edit Delete
How to change language back to English on ZTE phone?

Phone ZTE N817 some of the language changed to Dutch. How can I get it back to all English?? Many thanks

Joyce PUBLIC 13-01-2020 Edit Delete
What does draft on a text message mean on the Samsung Galaxy S5?

What does red color draft mean

Nee nee DRAFT 13-01-2020 Edit Delete
Can i get a new phone number with lucky mobile

Can i change my phone number?

Gord ross PUBLIC 10-01-2020 Edit Delete
How do I delete contacts from my Doro PhoneEasy 626?

my phone does not have a delete option just edit and that doesn't delete the contact

Denny Caban PUBLIC 10-01-2020 Edit Delete
What is the Airtel SMS center number?

Kindly get me my sms service. Thank. 

Manihar PUBLIC 10-01-2020 Edit Delete
Left and right galaxy earbuds each on two different bluetooth. how can I fuse them into one?

I have the same problem till last week

Emil Kirilov DRAFT 09-01-2020 Edit Delete
How do I delete a number in my doro phone 6520

Following same problem.

William PUBLIC 08-01-2020 Edit Delete
How do I delete a number in my doro phone 6520

Following same issue can any tell me. I will be thanks full

Micky DRAFT 08-01-2020 Edit Delete
Why won't the weather change on my Doro 6520 home screen?

weather will not change on doro 6520

John Caplan PUBLIC 08-01-2020 Edit Delete
How can I download other fonts like Persian ?

Hi, please help me , my Alcatel 10.66G has not Persian Font for massage, how can I download Persian font?

Mohammad Babaee Darabad PUBLIC 07-01-2020 Edit Delete
How to download SHAREit on Samsung Z2?

Plz i like shareit on samsungz2

PreciseNqondo DRAFT 06-01-2020 Edit Delete
How to screen shot

Umm 683cl instructions to initiated screen shot

Steven l. DRAFT 05-01-2020 Edit Delete
Where can I get a replacement battery for my Umx U683CL phone

The poorest quality and functionality.  3rd phone in one year.  A dysfunctional charging jack, a dead on-arrival battery and code written by a monkey.

Dan Lonergan DRAFT 05-01-2020 Edit Delete
How do I find my PC Mobile Account number?

I need an a account number so I can get in to my acc

rick dewolfe PUBLIC 04-01-2020 Edit Delete
Can you get longer than a 48 hour extension on your MetroPCS phone?

I called metro pcs they said I can’t get extension and I’m on the 70 dollar plan

Melissa Vidal DRAFT 04-01-2020 Edit Delete
Do you sell iphones

i have an old iphone do you sell iphones

russell fitchett PUBLIC 03-01-2020 Edit Delete
How to install certificate on the Nokia 206?

Answer this question...wende

wende samuel DRAFT 03-01-2020 Edit Delete
Can I get an extension on my bill?

Can I get a extension on my phone my number 

Lisa Brown DRAFT 03-01-2020 Edit Delete
Finding the Alcatel Flip 3 in Canada?

Hi Jade. Thanks for joining The Informr community. I did a quick search and I'm not uncovering anything. Maybe someone else here knows?

The Flip Go 3 is technically compatible with Canadian networks (Rogers, Telus, etc.). It uses 850/1900 MHz GSM. However....I don't see it easily available from any sellers. I'm not even seeing it available from any third-party sellers yet on Amazon or eBay.

That'll probably see that model become available soon enough. Just be sure you get an "Unlocked" version if it's coming from the US.

Branden PUBLIC 02-01-2020 Edit Delete
Is there an actual users guide for the Figo Orbit 2? How can I get it ?

Hi Cam. You'll find a link to download a copy of the Orbit II manual (as a PDF) on our Orbit II review page. It's at the bottom of the "Resources" section of the page.

Branden PUBLIC 02-01-2020 Edit Delete
How to get alarm clock to work on Doro 6520?

1) How do you set up for alarms to ring?

2) When trying to add a /, how do I add this?

Lynne PUBLIC 01-01-2020 Edit Delete
How to remove back from FiGO Orbit II

Hi Cam. Not sure specifically on that phone but this video of a similar Figo model might help.

In that video she removes the back of the phone to reveal the SIM card slot. See if your Figo phone has slots in a similar position.

Many phones are real tricky to open. You have to jam your fingernails and hold your tongue just right. Good luck.

p.s. This video demonstrates how to open the back of several different models.

Branden PUBLIC 31-12-2019 Edit Delete
What does failed to load driver unknown error 19 mean on my phone?

Sir i have update my phone but the problem has not solve

My phone is update but it not work..... DRAFT 30-12-2019 Edit Delete
How do I view my Koodo Mobile bill online?

Me bill has gone from 73.45 to 102.65 why?

sharon haight DRAFT 30-12-2019 Edit Delete
Does my A500F support OTG for USB

Hi Bala. You might find this thread about OTG for the A5 helpful.

Branden PUBLIC 29-12-2019 Edit Delete
Why is there a paperclip symbol on my incoming text messages?

Hi Tammy. What phone model are you using?

Branden PUBLIC 29-12-2019 Edit Delete
Can minutes be transfered to new phone

Hi Doug. Did you also get a new SIM / phone number or you kept the same number and just changed phones?

If you kept the same number....your minutes should not have been affected. If it's a different phone number and you are shutting down your old probably won't be able to transfer them.

However...I'd recommend you contact StraightTalk support and see what they can do for you and if there is any option. Here is a link where you can find StraightTalk's contact information.

Branden PUBLIC 29-12-2019 Edit Delete
How to clear ram on unx u683cl

How do u clean Ram off you unimac U683CL assurance wireless phone even if it's a government phone I really hate this phone with a passion but too afraid to get it replaced because they will suspend my service untill I get my new phone and that could be weeks and I need a phone 24-7 because I have a child in school and I can't miss those calls so plz help me out

Amber PUBLIC 29-12-2019 Edit Delete
What is the puk unlock code

Can't answwer my messages. What to do

yolanda antonio DRAFT 28-12-2019 Edit Delete
How remove Google account from Huawei Honor 9 Lite?

Sing ap 

Aman dolly DRAFT 27-12-2019 Edit Delete
UMX Model U683CL Cellphone (Gov't issued)

The phone is pretty decent even at an entry level. I does not incorporate all the fancy bells and whistles that accompany name brands like Samsung, LG, Motorola and the like. I did turn off wi-fi and I also turned off data which are two separate features. This did help in having the phone drain the battery so quickly. The best use for this phone is talk & text otherwise with wi-fi and data turned on it will drain a lot quicker.

Rex PUBLIC 27-12-2019 Edit Delete
How do i change email address on straight talk account

Need to change email

Porcha Beasley PUBLIC 25-12-2019 Edit Delete
Where to find WPS pin on the Alcatel One Touch Pop C9?


Tierra DRAFT 24-12-2019 Edit Delete
How do I change my number

I need to cancel my lucky mobile account

Andrew Fitzgerald DRAFT 24-12-2019 Edit Delete
Why can't I access the internet with my ZTE Z432?

I have the same issue. I have FreeUp Mobile as my carrier. I tried filling in all the information they listed for setting up the APN, but it still doesn't work.

Thoreau PUBLIC 19-12-2019 Edit Delete
Talk to real person

I want to talk with real person .How I may contact them? online is not working for me.

I paid twice and still not a service available. do you know who may help me?


Mariana PUBLIC 18-12-2019 Edit Delete

User name

User Email