If you’ve nearly completed your network contract, and your account is in good standing, there’s a good chance you’re paying too much for service each month…

There are better deals to be had... but you have to know who to talk to.

And it’s not your local store or the customer service department.

You need to speak to someone in Customer Retention or Disconnections.

In this guide, we’ll cover who these people are, how to reach them and exactly what to say to unlock the secret deals you won’t find anywhere else…

Let’s dive in!

Getting Started

Before we get to the tips, there’s some preparing you must do.

These steps will help you understand what you need in a plan and the options available from other service providers.

We’ll use this information to shift the power to your side during negotiations.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated for 2022

Get Ready to Take Notes

This process might take a few calls...

To succeed, you’ll need some information.

So grab a notepad, fire up a spreadsheet or break out Evernote so you can keep everything organised as you go.

You’ll also find a cheat sheet at the end of this guide if you’d prefer to use that instead.

Take A Good Look at Your Bill and Contract

Log in to your account or dust off those envelopes and take a look at your monthly bill.

Note your usage, what you’re paying and anything you might not need.

You can also see if there’s any features missing you might want.

Don’t use most of what you pay for in your plan? You might find some serious savings by following our Guide to Reducing Your Mobile Phone Bill.

If your plan fits your usage already, then check your contract length. For the most savings, you'll need to be near the end of your contract.

While it's not impossible to haggle your way to a cheaper tariff in the middle of your contract, you don't have as much leverage...

Research Competing Offers

With your usage and needs covered, take a look at competing networks. See if they offer any promotions at a better rate than your current tariff.

Our comparison tool makes it easy to compare your options without juggling 20 tabs or digging through endless pricing pages.

Note how much you can save with your network’s competitors…

We’ll use this information in our negotiations later.

Just remember, big networks might not match what a smaller network, regional network or prepaid network can offer.

Getting Past the Gatekeepers

Getting the most savings on your bill means going beyond customising it to fit your needs…

It also means getting past the first line of support at your network. Past the gatekeepers.

While customer service agents (and even their supervisors) might help with minor things, they’re not authorised to hand out the best deals.

They’re just filtering out the basic issues and trying to make people happy as quickly as possible.

Remember: be polite but firm...

...The agent on the other end of the phone is a person too.

Getting angry, being rude or treating them poorly won’t help you—in fact, it might give them a reason to hang up. Then you’re stuck starting over.

Start by asking if they can help with your bill…

Something along the lines of:

“Hi [Agent Name]! I’ve been with [Network Name] for X years. While I’m happy with my service, my monthly bill is just too high for my budget. Is there any way we can lower it?”

They’ll probably place you on hold…

Get used to this, you will be listening to a lot of slow jazz and soft rock hits…

The agent will come back and say one of two things:

“I’m sorry… you’re already getting our best rates and your plan fits your usage. Is there anything else I can help you with?”


“We can save you a little money by [X], [Y] or [Z]. Does this sound good to you?”

REMEMBER: No matter what this agent offers, the answer is always NO.

Why? As good as the deal might appear, any retention or loyalty deal is likely better!

This is where you jump in and get your ticket to customer retention or the disconnections department.

Say something like:

“I appreciate your help [Agent Name]. This is a good start, but still not quite where I need my plan to be. Is there someone I can speak to about cancelling my service? I hate to go, but if you can’t help, I’ll need to switch providers.”

They’ll likely place you on hold again and transfer you...

The Main Event: Haggling with the Disconnections Department

Agents in the disconnections department have one job: try to keep you on as a customer.

Sure... businesses have to balance profits with what their customers want...

But it’s always cheaper to keep a customer with a discount than to find a new one altogether.

This means that disconnections agents hold the keys to the best deals on offer.

Again, remember to be polite but firm.

You’ll start with recapping your discussion with the previous agent,

“Hi [New Agent Name]! I was just speaking with [Old Agent Name] about lowering my monthly bill. I’ve been with [Network Name] for [X] years and I really want to stay with you. But the cost is just too much for me…”

Then sprinkle in the information we gathered earlier…

“[Other network] is offering [Plan Details] for [X] per month. I can’t ignore a deal that good. Any way you can match it?”

If you get a “yes” then this is your chance to pounce and get the better deal.

But there’s a good chance that you’ll get put on hold while they look at options…

… then they’ll come back with something in the middle…

“I’m sorry, but we don’t offer a plan like that at this time. What we do have is [Plan Details]. Would that work for you?”

Again, decline and repeat the offer from another network…

You might find that they come back with a better offer.

If they don’t, it’s time to ask them to leave notes on your account and end the call.

You might need to repeat this process a few times before you get an agent ready to help you.

If they do make an attractive offer, don’t get too excited and say yes just yet!

There’s still one more step to the negotiations…

Documenting Your New Deal

Before you agree to anything there’s some information you’ll want to get first…

It will give you leverage if this good deal is too good to be true or something changes on your bill that you didn’t agree to.

Ask the disconnections agent for the following:


Their name and/or employee number


A direct number to reach them (or at least a direct line to the disconnections department)


An identifier code, name or other way to refer to this deal if you should need to call back or visit a retail location


The exact terms of the plan and the costs associated


The date and time of the call

If they’re willing to email you this information in writing, that’s best.

But still write it down in case the email never shows up.

With your proof of the deal in place, agree to the deal and think of how to use that extra money you’re saving each month!

Wrapping Things Up

Hopefully, the agent is good on their word and you’ll see a much friendlier total when the next bill arrives…

If not, it’s time to break out your notes and get in touch with your service provider. You can either call in to customer care and ask to speak with a supervisor or head to your local retail location.

As with before, be sure to remain calm and respectful. Outline the information you collected from the disconnections agent and ask for a resolution.

With the evidence to back up your claim, you should have no problem getting things set right.

P.S. If you still can’t find a deal you like speaking with disconnections, but find a good deal with another network, it might be time to switch. Our Guides on Getting Out of Your Mobile Contract and Early Termination Fees can show you what to expect and highlight tips and tricks for minimizing the costs of switching.

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