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7.7/10 AVG.

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Specs / Features


Brand Google
Warranty 12 months
Release date 19-October-2017
Size 4.2 x 9.8 cm (1.7 x 3.9 in)
Weight 173 grams (6.11 ounces)

Reviews (7.7/10 Avg. rating)

Canadian Reviewer

A smaller and more affordable smart speaker

from Canadian Reviewer
Google Home Mini makes all of the features and connectivity available for less money and makes it posible to consider placing smart home and intelligent assistant functionality in other parts of your home... Full review

Taking aim at the Echo Dot

from Engadget
The Google Home Mini is both affordable and capable -- for $49 it can pull up loads of information, control your music and videos and manage a wide variety of smarthome devices. Its tiny speaker sounds better than expected, though you probably won't want to play music on it. But it does a lot for the price and provides an easy and affordable way to get the Google Assistant into your house... Full review

Affordability comes at a cost

from SlashGear
At $49, the Google Home Mini is undoubtedly a more affordable way to wade into Google’s vision of the voice-powered world. Indeed, even with the Google Home’s recent $109 promotion, you could outfit two rooms with its Mini sibling and still have change. Whether that’s cost-effective depends entirely on your expectations of use... Full review
Fone Arena

A fantastic way to get onto the connected home bandwagon

from Fone Arena
The Google Home Mini is definitely not expensive for what it brings to the table. You’re making a compromise on the built-in speaker quality but functionality is the same as the full size Home at half the price point. It looks way better than the Echo Dot and simply feels a lot more approachable... Full review

Hard not to love

from Gizmodo
For the price of a decent dinner for two, the Google Home Mini is a conversation piece at worst. At best, it’s your new best friend... Full review
Ars Technica

A gateway drug for the Google Assistant

from Ars Technica
I feel like the Mini is a good "test" device for those looking to dip their toes in the world of Google voice command products, but if you decide you like it, eventually the Mini will be relegated to a dusty closet and replaced with a bigger Google Home... Full review
The Verge

Good sound quality for voice responses

from The Verge
The Home Mini is best suited for those that live deep in Google’s ecosystem (and don’t have their work accounts tied to G Suite). It’s the best way to voice control Google Play Music, and Google’s wealth of internet knowledge provides more answers to queries than any other voice assistant... Full review

A solid accessory, but not the centerpiece of your smarter home

from Wired
For such a small speaker, it’s pretty loud—you can hear it easily from across the room. You mostly won’t interact with the Mini itself, but its controls are handy... Full review

Sounds great but lacks vision

from Cnet
The Google Home Mini is a great device, and a no-brainer for existing Google Home users -- but it isn't the Echo Dot-killer Google probably needs it to be... Full review
Tom's Guide

The first great Echo Dot rival

from Tom's Guide
Not only is it inexpensive, but it also outperforms the Echo Dot in audio quality and design. The Mini's ability to cast both audio and video arguably makes it the better device for delivering smarts to your entertainment system... Full review

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