Apple Watch Series 3

8/10 AVG.

  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 3

This is a smartwatch like none I've ever used before.

- Trevor Long , EFTM 

Specs / Features


Brand Apple
Warranty 12 months
Release date 22-September-2017
Size 3.86 x 3.33 x 1.14 cm (1.5 x 1.3 x 0.4 in)
Weight 28.7 grams (1.01 ounces)

Reviews (8/10 Avg. rating)


All about LTE

from Softpedia
Without a doubt, the Apple Watch Series 3 is mostly about the LTE support and less about other improvements. This means it barely makes any sense to purchase a model without LTE, even though it’s been proved that it's still glitchy and not supported on all markets... Full review

Makes the right connections

from TechRadar
The two versions of the Apple Watch 3 impress - but the cheaper, non-4G version of the wearable delivers good value for money and top fitness capabilities from the wrist... Full review
IT Pro

4G is a game changer, but the niggles remain

from IT Pro
The Apple Watch 3 is a great smartwatch; the best in the business in my opinion and this is its most impressive outing yet. But if the price looks too high, you're not bothered by the GPS, cellular or the swim-tracking features, there may be a better option... Full review

Stay connected

from Recombu
The Series 3 Watch isn’t an essential upgrade for Series 2 owners, unless you’re desperate for that cellular connectivity to free you from your smartphone. However, for owners of the original Apple Watch and anyone who’s yet to make the jump to smartwatches, this is a solid purchase... Full review
Tech Advisor

Works best as a backup when your phone dies, and performance is consistent

from Tech Advisor
Apple has nailed the integration way better than any other manufacturer, but with network restrictions and a high price – and limited practical use cases – it isn’t going to become mainstream yet... Full review
Canadian Reviewer

A versatile communication tool irregardless of whether an iPhone is within reach

from Canadian Reviewer
Apple's managed to nail down the functionality and focus of Apple Watch and it deliver an improved user experience as a smart timepiece, a notifications tool, a communications tool as well as the company's smallest iPod and an all-around fitness and health tracking solution... Full review
Kevin Rose

Awesome, but not for the reasons you might think

With the release of the Apple Watch 3 (with LTE) I can now truly leave my phone at home for extended periods of time. The LTE plan allows me to receive phone calls (via wireless Airpods) and the limited functionality (no browser) and difficulty of use (it's hard to type) makes me avoid texting and email unless it's truly an emergency. I could have never imagined having an Apple Watch would make me use technology less, but it has.

A good watch, a so-so phone replacement

from Engadget
The Apple Watch Series 3 often feels like two devices in one. When it's connected to a phone, it's an improvement over its predecessors in just about every way that matters. As a standalone device, though, the Series 3 can be maddeningly limited... Full review
Business Insider

Does so much more than fitness tracking

from Business Insider
The Apple Watch gives you the foundation of a great gadget, but you also have to do a little work to make it work... Full review
Tom's Guide

Freedom meets frustration

from Tom's Guide
The future of smartwatches is being connected, but the Apple Watch Series 3 doesn't deliver on that promise. Get the non-LTE model instead... Full review

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