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4.5/10 AVG.

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Brand LG
Release date 10-February-2017

Reviews (4.5/10 Avg. rating)

Tom's Guide

Lots of style, not enough substance

from Tom's Guide
The $249 LG Watch Style is an attractive smartwatch that lets you check your email, send and receive text messages and get smartphone notifications on your wrist. But don't expect any fancy features here. The watch lacks heart rate monitoring, NFC payment capabilities, and GPS and LTE features, which are available on the LG Watch Sport.$179.99 Best Buy.. Full review
PC Magazine

Sophisticated styling

from PC Magazine
Ultimately, the LG Watch Style is a decent showcase for Android Wear 2.0 that will appeal to those who want a smartwatch in the body of something that looks a bit more traditional... Full review

A fashion-first wearable that costs too much and does too little

from GreenBot
The Style could get away with its price if it was supremely luxurious, but it just feels too cheap to be taken seriously. If it came in at about $100 less it would be a no-brainer, but there aren’t many gadgets that you couldn’t say that about. Mostly, the Style is a forgettable product that simply misses that mark and doesn’t do anything to move the needle on Android Wear... Full review
Talk Android

A great smartwatch with a big battery problem

from Talk Android
The LG Watch Style is a really nicely designed smartwatch with great performance that shows most of the best features of Android Wear 2.0. But man, the battery. The coolest features in the world are kind of lame when your device dies halfway through using them... Full review

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