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Type In-Ear
Volume Control Yes
Playback Control Yes
Noise Canceling Yes
Brand Beats
Warranty 12 months
Release date 10-February-2017

Reviews (7.8/10 Avg. rating)

Tom's Guide

Delivers a comfy fit, quick-charge functionality and decent audio

from Tom's Guide
The $149 BeatsX headphones are certainly not going to blow away audiophiles with their sound, they should work fairly well for most folks, especially Apple fans. The flat, tangle-free, balanced cable is more comfortable than the designs of other similar models and is quite functional, while the in-line remote and mic work well and offer clear sound for people on the go... Full review
Tools & Toys

A product you can set and forget

from Tools & Toys
There are some products you’ll want to turn over in your hands over and over again because of their look and feel. The BeatsX does not fall into that category. But, I think this is actually a sign of a job well done. What I wanted from this pair of earphones was a small, ultra convenient wireless solution for music... Full review

Fixes the major annoyance of the AirPods

from Macworld
BeatsX boast the best features of AirPods, plus a more comfortable, customizable fit, and a handy inline remote so you don't need to rely on Siri for control... Full review
The Loop

Just as magical as the AirPods, but more comfortable and convenient

from The Loop
If you aren’t using these with exclusively Apple devices, definitely get BeatsX because of the inline remote. The button-less AirPods are too reliant on Siri or the controls on your phone. If you are all-in with Apple gear, either is a fine option, but the BeatsX has the comfort, long battery life, and convenient charging that give it the edge... Full review

The cheapest alternative to noise cancelling wireless earbuds

from iMore
The Beats X aren't a perfect pair of wireless headphones — but at $149, there's nothing else in its pricing category that can compare. They have Apple's new W1 chipset and all the ease-of-use that come with it. They fit well, have decent (if not spectacular) sound quality, isolate most outside noise, and keep rocking long past their supposed battery life limit... Full review

Overall experience and convenience makes up for below-par sound quality

from Alphr
After my first listen, I was prepared to bury the BeatsX under a hailstorm of criticism. Yet after using them for a couple of weeks, they’ve become my headphones of choice. Yes, I would prefer it if the sound was a better, although for the majority of music I listen to they’re fine... Full review
The Gadgeteer

Punchy and bass-heavy

from The Gadgeteer
It’s the combination of the W1 chip, smart construction and good sound that makes the BeatsX an easy recommendation at $129. That may be a tall order for some looking for a simple pair of earphones. While the headphone jacks of the world don’t seem to be going anywhere in a big hurry, any future iPhone I’ll be purchasing will certainly be devoid of that option, and I sure do hates me some converter dongles. For me, wireless is the way to go, and these came in at a much lower price than many of the other options out there... Full review
Venture Beat

Just pick up some AirPods

from Venture Beat
Some people say the BeatsX headphones sound better than the AirPods — I personally disagree. I don’t hear much of a difference. What I will say is that the BeatsX phones are more comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Which counts for something... Full review
The Telegraph

Apple's AirPod alternatives

from The Telegraph
If, as Apple is betting, wireless headphones are to become standard, they need to be as hassle-free as wired ones. That means a battery that doesn’t run out easily and a flawless connection to your phone - before you even think about sound quality. The Beats X passes this test with flying colours, especially if you’re an iPhone user and can take advantage of the Apple connectivity tech inside the headphones. They’re comfortable and fit in your ears well, especially if, like me, you struggled with the AirPods... Full review
Chip Chick

No strings attached, these are a great pair of wireless earphones for the money

from Chip Chick
Even though the design concept is very different, it’s hard not to compare the BeatsX to Apple’s own AirPods. In general, we find the the BeatsX to be the superior audio product. Not only are they cheaper than the AirPods, but they sound better, are more comfortable for your ear canals, and they also have better battery life on a charge. Oh, and did we mention that the BeatsX come in four colors? That’s a nice touch too... Full review

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