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The Jawbone UP2 is a fairly affordable option that does a good job of tracking steps and sleep.

- Laura Williams , About 

A better fit and superior software make the redesigned Jawbone Up2 our favorite everyday fitness band.

- Dan Graziano , Cnet 

Specs / Features

One size fits most | Easily track your activities and your sleep automatically | Get personalized guidance from Smart Coach | Smart Alarm silently wakes you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle | Syncs wirelessly plus 10 days battery life

One size fits most | Easily track your activities and your sleep automatically | Get personalized guidance from Smart Coach | Smart Alarm silently wakes you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle | Syncs wirelessly plus 10 days battery life



Brand Jawbone
Model JL03-0303AGD-US2
Size 21 x 1 cm (8.3 x 0.4 in)

Reviews (7.1/10 Avg. rating)


A more fashionable choice than most wearables on the market

from About

Overall, I found the Jawbone UP2 to be a fairly accurate step and sleep tracker, and if anything, it underestimated daily step count. This may sound like a bad thing, but I'd rather my tracker underestimate step count, encouraging me to get more active, than to overestimate step count.

Unfortunately, it was also fairly finicky. If it was too tight or too loose, it wouldn't track steps very well. If I had a long sleeve shirt on that interfered with the band's movement, it wouldn't track very well. And, like almost all bands, if you're engaging in non-walking or running activity (f... Full review


Offers a more insightful ecosystem than rivals

from TrustedReviews

What a difference a year makes. In the case of the Jawbone UP2, it's not entirely in a good way. We've already acknowledged that the Jawbone UP24 wasn't the perfect activity tracker, but it got plenty right. In many ways, the UP2 feels like a step backwards.

While it might look more elegant to some, we preferred the previous design. And although Jawbone has dealt with the UP24's biggest flaw – the problematical cap – the solution doesn't entirely fix the problem.

The software hasn't come on leaps and bounds either, although there's plenty to like about Jawb... Full review

Absolute Geeks

Neat, compact, comfortable, very accurate tracking

from Absolute Geeks
It’s priced fairly at $99 and does its job as a basic fitness tracker. I would have loved for it to be waterproof or to at least have its own heart-rate monitor, but for me it goes way above and beyond what Apple Watch’s fitness tracking offers (not that the Apple Watch is designed as a fitness tracker in mind), and the fact that I don’t have to do much or any manual work with the UP2 is its biggest selling point... Full review

Record your own daily activity, and compete against your mates

from PCWorld
We grew to like this activity tracker. It was a different experience to the Fitbit we are most used to, in particular because of the more active social feed, and the built-in coaches that can spur you to move more in order to improve your daily step counts and achieve your goals. It’s not the type of device to go for if you want an active tracking of your steps at a glance of the wristband, but it is the right one to go for if you want a good mix of stat tracking and motivational social tools. The caveat is that you need to buy your friends one, too... Full review

Light and good looking, with strong battery life

from Digit
At Rs. 9,999, the Jawbone UP2 does everything that the Fitbit Charge HR does, except sensing your heartbeat. And, as long as you're not lifting weights or the likes, you don't really need that. With Fitbit and Jawbone both doing business in India now, the race for the best fitness device is on, and I daresay the Jawbone UP2 to be the best buy right now. It's tracks your progress reliably, has an app that compliments everything that the band does, and while the data it returns doesn't seem likely, I haven't found the same level of competence in any fitness band till now anyway... Full review

A stylish band that won't fall off your wrist

from Cnet

The redesigned Up2 is stylish and more secure than older models. While it may be missing more advanced features seen in recent competitors, an attractive price and superior software make it one of the best fitness trackers available today.

Not only does Jawbone's software provide in-depth information on your sleep and daily activities, but it also offers smart coaching and daily insights to help you live a healthier life. This software is what propels the Up2 ahead of the competition. You don't even need an Up2 band to take advantage of Jawbone's software (you can use your phone,... Full review


Gets the basics right and that's enough

from Wareable
While the Jawbone UP2 falls short of the Fitbit Charge HR when it comes to advanced fitness skills, it's a comfortable, good looking and accurate activity tracker that totally nails the basics. The strong fitness tracking, activity tagging, sleep monitoring and smart alarm make a near dream suite of features. While proper sports fans will look to GPS enabled trackers, and swimmers are better off with the Misfit Shine, the UP2's a solid bet... Full review
PC Magazine

A Better UP, but Missing Features

from PC Magazine

The Jawbone UP2 is better than the older versions of the UP bands, but compared with similar fitness trackers, it's light on features. The UP3 is better, but you can get more for your money with another tracker. If you're in the market for an all-day fitness tracker, consider our aforementioned Editors' Choices: the Fitbit Surge, the Mio Fuse, and the Basis Peak. They all include heart rate monitoring, though they all cost a good deal more than the UP2. The Fitbit Charge doesn't have a heart rate monitor, but it does have a sharp display with caller ID for just $30 more than the UP2. If you... Full review


A solid product for the money

from TechRadar

If your heart is set on joining Jawbone's ecosystem, then the UP2 is almost definitely your best point of entry. With a more robust body than the UP24, yet without the unjustified price tag of the UP3, it delivers a good experience at a reasonable price. But in this competitive new market, you can't help but feel that Jawbone has slipped up a bit with this generation of devices.

Its app is still arguably the best out there for delivering the most useful information to users, but the hardware itself, while attractive, fails to deliver a frustration-free experience. Given that... Full review

Tech Advisor

A great way to measure activity, sleep and calories

from Tech Advisor
Leaving aside the somewhat feminine look of the grey-and-silver model I really like the UP2. It is comfortable to wear and robust. And it is well priced. Most importantly, the new UP app builds on the success of its predecessor, and is a great way of quantifying and improving your health. This is not a sophisticated runners watch, or a smartwatch. The lack of GPS or an on-device display attest to that. But for those who want a pedometer that can track all sorts of exercise without making them look like a Tech Liberace, the Jawbone UP2 is a great package... Full review

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