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Stream music and apps with AirPlay. | Bamboo wood veneer over rigid MDF body. | 25 watts of power drives dual 3" woofer & 19mm tweeters.

Stream music and apps with AirPlay. | Bamboo wood veneer over rigid MDF body. | 25 watts of power drives dual 3" woofer & 19mm tweeters.



Brand Wren
Model Wren Sound V5AP bamboo
Size 10 x 42 cm (3.9 x 16.5 in)

Reviews (7.9/10 Avg. rating)


Excellent design and audio quality

from Macgasm
Overall, I can definitely recommend the WREN V5AP to any iOS user who wants a simple, no-frills audio setup for their apartment or other small space. It’s worth noting that the speaker does run a hefty $400 price-tag, but that shows between the excellent design and audio quality... Full review

Awesome speaker with a killer design and excellent price

from TechnologyTell
At $400, the Wren V5AP is clearly an investment, but when compared with its competitors like the B&W Zeppelin Air ($600), it’s an exceptionally good value. The sound easily equals more expensive speakers, and the Wren’s good looks really give it an edge. You can pick it up at either Amazon or directly from the Wren Store (after first picking the right model, of course) for $399.99. Whether you’re shopping for a gift or something for yourself, the Wren V5Ap is an awesome speaker with a killer design and excellent price... Full review
Mac Life

Beautiful design, great full-range sound

from Mac Life
Wren's great sound and good looks are fitting for its $400 price tag, but the long lag time to get your AirPlay tunes going is disappointing... Full review

It’s a rare thing of beauty

from T3

Why should you buy the Wren V5AP then? Well for a start it’s around £255 thanks to the current exchange rate making it nearly £100 cheaper than the Cambridge Audio Minx and nearly £250 cheaper than the Zeppelin Air.

On the downside you will get a US plug, which means either buying a UK replacement from the outset (not difficult but a pain nevertheless) or finding an adaptor.

There’s also the issue of why Wren is releasing three versions of the same speaker. Releasing two, one for Apple and one for Android makes sense but releasing a solely Bluet... Full review

Cult of Mac

Strong all-around speaker

from Cult of Mac
If you want a small-ish speaker, and if you don’t plan on moving it around a lot, then you should really check out the V5AP. It sounds great, looks fantastic, and will fool most people into thinking you have much bigger speakers hiding away somewhere... Full review
The Mac Observer

Excellent sound from well crafted speaker

from The Mac Observer
Do I recommend it? I do. If quality sound from your iOS devices or Mac is of real importance, and spending US$399 isn’t an issue, then this should be a worthy purchase. It is obvious that a lot of skill and effort has gone into the development of the V5AP, and the fact that it is an Apple specific product means you can get what you pay for... Full review

Top-notch audio with impressive sound and clarity

from Macenstein

Hey, remember Apple’s iPod Hi-Fi? Well, THIS is what the iPod Hi-Fi SHOULD have been. A beautifully designed compact speaker capable of producing beautiful, rich, room-filling sound across a wide range of musical genres. While primarily a geared towards streaming your music form an iOS device with AirPlay, with multiple connection methods the V5AP ensure the speaker will not be made obsolete by Apple’s future random decisions to discontinue AirPlay in favor of the latest flavor of the month technology. While the price tag or $399 puts it right on the edge of a “no brainer&... Full review

Digital Trends

Gorgeous aesthetic, beautifully rendered mid and high frequencies, and nearly-flawless wireless sound delivery

from Digital Trends

With a gorgeous aesthetic, beautifully rendered mid and high frequencies, and nearly-flawless wireless sound delivery, Wren’s V5AP has a lot to admire. In fact, this speaker came extremely close to earning our Editor’s Choice award. Unfortunately, the almost inescapable port noise it generates when producing bass gives us real pause. We thoroughly enjoyed a lot of what we heard, but at $400, the bass buzz that continued to sneak its way into the music was, tragically, just too obvious to ignore. We hope Wren can resolve the issue on its next offering.

For those whose mus... Full review


Stunning design, incredible sound

from TUAW
Many AirPlay or Bluetooth speakers on the market are plagued with either boring design, bad sound, or complicated setup. Wren's V5AP is simple to set up, pleasant to look at, and boasts audiophile sound quality... Full review

It has a nice balance of highs, mids, and lows that we found instantly engaging and respectably detailed at virtually all of its volume levels

from iLounge

Rating V5AP was a challenge for only one reason: despite the well-understood AirPlay wireless speaker performance and pricing issues, which have all but destroyed the standard’s prospects against Bluetooth alternatives, we really liked this system’s sound and industrial design. Wren has come up with something that looks original and sounds good when it’s fully working, though the price tag and AirPlay hiccups will deter many prospective users. Should the Bluetooth version of this speaker come in at the right price point and offer comparable audio quality, it has the potent... Full review

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