Belkin TuneBase FM (for iPhone, iPad)

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  • Belkin TuneBase FM (for iPhone, iPad)

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Belkin F8Z441-P Tunebase FM with Handsfree

Belkin F8Z441-P Tunebase FM with Handsfree



Brand Belkin
Model F8Z441-P
Size 12 x 4 cm (4.7 x 1.6 in)

Reviews (7.1/10 Avg. rating)

Tech Advisor

Amazing-value power bank with an LCD screen

from Tech Advisor
Intocircuit's Power Castle 11200 is extraordinary at this price for offering an LCD display, useful capacity, auto-on/-off and passthrough charging. It offers slightly more capacity than its closest rivals, but it will take longer to refill its own battery. Highly recommended... Full review
The Wirecutter

Reliable, fast, inexpensive

from The Wirecutter
The Power Castle is not the right power bank if you’re looking for something to carry in your pocket or purse every day in case your phone needs a little juice before you get home. There are smaller, lighter packs for those purposes, though they only hold about half as much energy. (We know that we’ve promised to cover those, but we haven’t made a pick yet—sorry.) This also isn’t the right battery for intensive power needs like charging a laptop. It can’t crank out enough voltage to fully recharge those kinds of high-drain batteries... Full review
Droid Horizon

A great portable charging solution for your devices

from Droid Horizon
Yes there are a hundred and one power banks available online, we have reviewed a few ourselves if you want to have a look at the others, but, for convenience, price, the LED display, and included connectors, I’d certainly recommend DroidHorizon readers to consider the Intocircuit Power Castle as a great portable charging solution for their devices... Full review

A great way to listen to audio from the iPhone while driving

from Gerikson

Sound quality is decent for an FM transmitter. There’s a standard 3.5mm stereo output built into the pillar. You can use that to connect to the stereo if you have that input jack. There’s also a USB socket for more charging options.

Calls work OK if you’re already tuned in to the channel the device is broadcasting on. If not, you’ll have to switch to it, and it takes a few seconds for the Tunebase to be “picked up” by the stereo. If you’re making a lot of calls, and regularly listen to FM radio, this may not be optimal.

The few calls... Full review


As a cheap way of tying your iPhone into your car's system, it can't be beat

from TechRadar
Though you can use the TuneBase FM with any iPod, it's designed for the iPhone, and the beauty is that it pretty much does everything you want. Of course, it charges your iPhone, so you arrive with a fully-charged device. (It even boasts a USB port on the stalk, so you can still plug in, say, your sat-nav as well as charging your iPhone.) Its main feature, though, is an FM transmitter, broadcasting your iPhone's music to your car's stereo. It's smart, scanning the airwaves to pick one that's clear of interference... Full review

Multiple functions, articulating arm, works with most iPods and the iPhone

from SlipperyBrick
The TuneBase FM with Hands-Free is a very nice product that may bother an audiophile because of the lost of fidelity on tracks. However, the average user will find the multi use device to be well worth the money Belkin commands... Full review

An unusual, but versatile, shape

from About
The Belkin TuneBase FM isn’t a bad iPod FM Transmitter. And, if your primary use for it is as a holder for your iPhone when using it as a GPS, it may be great for your needs. However, if your main use is playing music, consider the cheaper, more flexible Belkin TuneCast Auto instead... Full review

A decent, if unspectacular mid-range FM transmitter for your iPod

from Electricpig

The Belkin TuneBase FM is easy to use, thanks largely to the ClearScan technology, which takes out a lot of the finger-work for establishing an FM link by automatically selecting suitable FM frequencies. It comes with a handy cradle too, that has an innovative, flexible-steel neck for easy repositioning, making sure that your iPod sits securely in your car.

Hooking it up to the lighter socket will not only charge the Belkin TuneBase FM, though. It also charges the attached iPod, which is a neat touch. A not-so-neat touch, though, is the inclusion of just two presets. What’s th... Full review


A significant step up from previous Belkin transmitters

from Macworld

Performance-wise, it’s hard to fault the TuneBase. The ClearScan function chose a clear FM frequency for me first pop, and the quality of transmission is equal to other transmitters I’ve tested. The display is easy to read and most of the time you won’t need to use the tuning buttons. Even in metro Sydney I found I wasn’t needing to re-tune as often as I did on my old unit – it seems that TuneBase does a better job of optimising your iPhone / iPod over weaker external radio signals. I particularly liked the fade down on receiving a phone call and fade up again... Full review

Chip Chick

The FM transmitter to beat

from Chip Chick
Overall, we are really pleased with the TuneBase FM. We dare say that it’s the best FM Transmitter we’ve tried yet in terms of sound quality and success with finding clear stations and playing tunes through them. The device is also easy to use and we appreciate the thoughtful design which sports a flexible neck for landscape viewing. Finally, the fact that it also sports car stereo inputs is icing on the cake and makes it the FM transmitter to beat... Full review Reviews Summary

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1 shoppers shared a review for the Belkin TuneBase FM (for iPhone, iPad). Ratings are generally negative, averaging 2 out of 5 stars. See all customer reviews.



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