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Gear Live is compatible with any smartphone with Android 4.3, Jelly Bean or higher | Powered by Google Android Wear | 1.63" Super AMOLED display, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, IP67 | Always on, just say "Ok, Google" | Notification; Google Voice; Google Now; Google Maps & Navigation

Gear Live is compatible with any smartphone with Android 4.3, Jelly Bean or higher | Powered by Google Android Wear | 1.63" Super AMOLED display, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, IP67 | Always on, just say "Ok, Google" | Notification; Google Voice; Google Now; Google Maps & Navigation



Brand Samsung
Model SM-R3820ZKAXAR
Size 1 x 3 cm (0.4 x 1.2 in)

Reviews (6.6/10 Avg. rating)


One of the better-looking smartwatches out there

from Recombu

Samsung’s Gear Live is one of the better-looking smartwatches out there, with a premium and sleek design, and it’s good to see Samsung embrace Android Wear instead of stubbornly sticking with Tizen.

Of course, you’ll have to endure the usual wearable quirks including poor battery life and an irritating charging dock, and the Gear Live loses the IR blaster found on the Gear 2, so you can no longer control your telly and other infra-red goodies.

All in all, if you’re after a slick-looking wearable that’s well supported by its software, and c... Full review

Tech Advisor

Android Wear smartwatch is decent value, but still wouldn't buy

from Tech Advisor
I don't want to be hard on the Gear Live because it is a decent smartwatch at a reasonable price. It's well built and most comfortable, albeit I could live with a better watch strap. But, ultimately, I wouldn't buy the Gear Live, principally because I wouldn't want any smartwatch at this stage of their development. I'm just not sure it offers me much over a normal watch, and I can't be bothered nursing the battery life of yet another device for relatively low returns... Full review

Elegant design, impressive screen

from TrustedReviews
The Samsung Gear Live is the best of the current Android Wear smartwatches, but we would still hold out for something with better battery life and a slimmer, more attractive design... Full review
Pocket Insider

A solid hardware to pair with Android Wear

from Pocket Insider
The Gear Live is a decent and solid piece of hardware. Sure, there are some things such as the strap and the charging dock that we didn’t like, but Samsung did retain a very traditional smartwatch design to be safe. All in all, we will definitely see the next generation of smartwatches rolling out with Android Wear to evolve and be more capable of performing more... Full review

Comfortable, well-sized, and excellent screen

from Pocket-lint

Of all the current Android Wear smartwatches on the market the Samsung Gear Live has the best design of the bunch. We like the idea of the Moto 360's round face, but some design blips on its behalf see the Samsung take top spot in the design ranks for now.

But despite being a good looker, the overall experience is still somewhat glitchy because Android Wear isn't quite clean enough yet to call it perfect. It's good for a relatively new system but still has a few hurdles to jump before it's enough to leave your phone tucked away for most of the day. Navigation being temperamental,... Full review


Needs some work

from GottaBeMobile

The Gear Live offers a simple set of features, and a person already familiar with Google Now voice commands knows how to use Gear Live’s voice commands.

The process of connecting the phone to the watch didn’t take much effort or time. This translates into an easy-to-use smartwatch that does a few things well right out of the box. The connection dropped more than it should, which gets frustrating. A few times I couldn’t reconnect without resetting the watch to factory settings.

The more apps a person uses, the more complicated the watch becomes. Some a... Full review


High contrast, power efficient display, stable platform with potential

from Ausdroid

If you’re in the market for a new watch you may want to ask yourself “How many times per day do I need to grab my phone from a pocket, power on the screen, pull down and read the notifications, just so I can keep up to date?” If your answer has a significant number in it I’d suggest an Android Wear watch like the Gear Live could be useful to you. If not, you could probably get by with a regular watch – dare we call them Dumbwatches?

One last question. Do you want more interaction with real people and less with your smartphone? If you do you’ll... Full review

PC Pro

A confident first step into the world of Android Wear

from PC Pro

Should you rush out and buy the Gear Live? That’s a tricky question. With a flood of new smartwatches due to hit the shelves any time now, we can’t wholeheartedly recommend that you dash out and buy any Android Wear smartwatch. Of the two we’ve seen so far, however, the Samsung Gear Live gets our vote. It looks more expensive than its £160 price tag might suggest; it feels comfy enough to wear day-in, day-out; and Android Wear is a convincing companion to an Android smartphone. If you can’t fight the urge to purchase a smartwatch right this instant, the Samsung... Full review


Usefulness in a well-specced package

from Stuff

With two devices on sale, it’s not hard to be the best Android Wear smartwatch you can buy right now. But the Samsung just edges ahead of the LG G Watch nonetheless.

Why? Mainly thanks to that sharper screen and bonus heart rate monitor. But they’re very close in both price, specs and what they’re capable of. So it mainly comes down to which one you prefer to wear. The LG will attract less attention, the Samsung's design will mark you out as an early adopter.

Still, it’s probably better to wait. That’s because the Moto 360 looms large. A... Full review

XDA Developers

Changeable to match your style

from XDA Developers

The Gear Live is only one of the two devices that are available with Android Wear. Soon, the Moto 360 will be released. I would say if you have been on the fence about getting an Android Wear device, hold on a bit longer.Wait and see what the 360 will offer before deciding on buying an Android Wear device at this point. The price difference of the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live is negligible, priced at $229 and $199 respectively. As more manufacturers get into the Android Wear market, we will have more options to choose from. In a nutshell, Android Wear will revolutionize the smartwat... Full review Reviews Summary

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