ZTE to launch Firefox OS-based smartphones with Mozilla soon

ZTE is reportedly working closely with Mozilla to develop new phones running a new mobile OS tentatively dubbed Firefox OS. This is Mozilla's answer to the leading mobile operating systems of today and could be ZTE's ticket to relative mobile obscurity. The two companies are aiming for a launch before the end of 2012. But if things don't go quite as planned, the launch may be pushed to early next year.

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  • One of the main features of Firefox OS is its use of Mozilla's HTML rendering engine, which makes it an easier platform to develop for if you're a developer.

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We hope ZTE will thus deliver Windows 8 and WP8 for the mid-range market. - Sanjeev Ramachandran, DeviceMAG  
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ZTE is coordinating with Mozilla to release a handset running Firefox OS in the first quarter of next year.

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Today ZTE is announcing that they're going to unveil a phone either by the end of this year or early next year running Mozilla's OS.

ZTE to Launch Smartphones Using Mozilla OS  

The move is the latest indication that handset makers are looking beyond Google Inc.’s dominant Android mobile operating system as they try to diversify the software platforms for their smartphones and other mobile devices.

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