WINDspeed Pocket Hotspot E586E from Wind Mobile now available
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WIND has just released a new mobile Internet accessory in the form of the WINDspeed Pocket Hotspot E586E. This pocket-friendly gadget will allow users to create a Wi-Fi connection on the go for a total of five different devices. It is available now for $99 outright or for free with any of WIND's mobile Internet plans.

What Else You Need To Know:

- The WINDspeed Pocket Hotspot E586E should be able to reach peak download speeds of up to 21.1 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 5.76 Mbps.

- Wind Mobile recently moved to expand its network coverage to cover Woodstock, as seen on its new coverage map.

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WIND Mobile releases the WINDspeed Pocket Hotspot E586E
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WIND Mobile welcomes WINDspeed Pocket Hotspot E586E