Verizon iPhone 5 gets updated to fix Wi-Fi data issue
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Apple has sent out an update to owners of the Verizon iPhone 5 after complaints about problems with the Wi-Fi feature started popping up in online forums. The problem, which now appears to be something specific to iOS 6, leaves the mobile data connection active even when a Wi-Fi connection is available. The end result is excessive data use for users even when they aren't even using their iPhones at all. Users who have not updated their own iPhones yet are advised to go into the Settings menu to initiate the Verizon carrier update.

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  • It is expected that users under AT&T will also receive a similar carrier update for their iPhone 5s soon.

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While the update was sent out to Verizon owners only, another one might be sent out to AT&T owners down the road as some of them are also complaining about the failure of a Wi-Fi signal to kick in on an Apple iPhone 5. - Alan F., Phone Arena  
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Verizon iPhone 5 update eliminates carrier data usage while connected to a Wifi Network
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Verizon version of Apple iPhone 5 gets update to repair Wi-Fi issue  

Apple sent out an update to owners of the Verizon variant of the Apple iPhone 5 that repaired a problem that left users handsets connected to the cellualr network even when Wi-Fi was toggled o.

Apple Rolls Out iPhone 5 WiFi Fix, FreedomPop’s Service Launches  

Apple has provided Verizon customers with step by step instructions to help them fix this issue.

Verizon iPhone 5 update fixes mobile data use on WiFi bug
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Verizon iPhone 5 Wifi and Data bug resolved, users will not be charged  

Verizon iPhone 5 users were experiencing an issue where the phone was still using network data when connected to wifi.

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The Verizon iPhone 5 gets a Wi-Fi data leak fix from Apple
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Verizon releases update for iPhone 5 to patch WiFi bug  

Verizon owners of the iPhone 5 may be in for a bit of a surprise when they look at their data usage statistics.

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The iPhone 5 WiFi bug reportedly carrier-agnostic, double-check your cellular data usage
iPhone 5 Data Problems Also Affect AT&T and Sprint Users  

Looks like we have a biggie here. According to reports, not only Verizon users are having problems with data usage on their iPhone.

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Bug causing iPhone 5s to use cellular data while on Wi-Fi may not be limited to Verizon