Texas Instruments waves goodbye to SoC market

During a recent investor meeting, Texas Instruments senior VP for embedded processing Greg Delagi broke the news that there won't be any new OMAP processors coming out any time soon. "We believe that opportunity is less attractive as we go forward," said Delagi. This is why from here on in, TI will shift its focus from the mobile phone and tablet market and will instead work on making embedded chips for car makers and other applications.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Prior to Delagi's statement, it was widely believed that TI will be the first to launch a new SoC (System-on-a-Chip) based on the Cortex A15 architecture.

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We're scratching our heads as to why a major player would drop such a strong position like this, but perhaps they know something that we don't. - Daniel Cooper, Engadget  
The good news for us is that we are still getting great chips like the Snapdragon S4 and Tegra 3 in our mobile devices. At the same time though, we always love competition, and this means one less player is in the game. - Eric, Droid-Life  
Texas Instruments To Leave Mobile SoC Market
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Processor manufacturer Texas Instruments has announced it will shift its focus, away from smartphones and tablets

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Texas Instruments has lost ground to Qualcomm, Apple, and Samsung in the smartphone processor space in recent years.

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Texas Instruments is dropping from the system-on-chip for smartphones and tablets manufacturing and will give up on its OMAP lineup.

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While the chipmaker will continue to support its current hardware partners, TI says they will significantly reduce their investment in future smartphones and tablets, likely spelling an end to the OMAP series of processors as we know it.

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Texas Instruments has made the startling announcement that it's going to wind down its wildly successful smartphone and tablet business in favor of embedded systems.

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The announcement comes as TI's OMAP platform continues to lose ground to rivals such as Qualcomm and Nvidia.

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Investors in Texas Instruments (TI) have wanted the company to exit the mobile processor market to pursue more profitable businesses.

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Texas Instruments is shifting its chip business away from smartphones and tablets to more