T-Mobile Loses More Customers Ahead of MetroPCS Merger

Looking at the glass half full, T-Mobile closed out 2012 on a strong note, reporting 61,000 net customer additions for the fourth quarter and revenue of $4.9 billion that marks the second consecutive quarter of sequential growth. Looking at the glass half empty, T-Mobile lost another half a million postpaid customers and the $4.9 million in revenue are 5.2% lower than last year's levels. T-Mobile said it is on track to close the merger with fifth largest mobile network MetroPCS in the first half of 2013.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Despite the 19 percent growth in the number of prepaid customers, it couldn’t offset the 13.9 percent drop in contract revenues.
  • T-Mobile's value plans is showing rapid growth with 1.3 million customers choosing the plans during the fourth quarter, raising the total to more than 6 million customers.
  • T-Mobile's parent Deutsche and MetroPCS announced in October 2012 an agreement for a merger, where MetroPCS shareholders will hold 26 percent of the merged company.

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