Apple and Swype Talked on Keyboard Tech
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Swype, the popular Android keyboard gesture controlled app owned by Nuance, may be making its way to the iPhone and iPad. In a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, Swype vice president Aaron Sheedy said that his company has "chatted with" Apple about licensing Swype for iOS devices. Apple already has a partnership with Nuance on the voice recognition technology powering Siri, but it appears that no deal for Swype's speedy and accurate text entry method is imminent at this point.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Using error-correction algorithms and a powerful language model, Swype lets users enter words by sliding a finger from the first letter of a word to its last letter, lifting only between words.

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Are we talking about a full-on iOS Swype release? How would that work? Since licensing was mentioned, could Apple instead build gesture typing into its standard iOS keyboard, like Google did in Jelly Bean? - Stephen Schenck, Pocket Now  
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