SwiftKey Flow announced as new gesture-based Swype competitor

Android smartphone users who are not fond of the stock Android keyboard will soon be able to have a much better typing experience with the help of a little something called SwiftKey Flow. It's a gesture-based solution from SwiftKey, a primary Swype competitor, that allows users to simply swipe their fingers on the screen and still type out words legibly. In case you didn't know, Swype is a popular third-party keyboard for Android that automagically translates seemingly random swipes on its keys into actual words. It already comes pre-loaded in many newer Android-powered devices. This move by SwiftKey is seen as an attempt to dethrone the current virtual keyboard king in the world of smartphones. SwiftKey Flow will be in its beta testing phase in a few weeks.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Those interested in participating in SwiftKey Flow's beta testing stage may sign up through the company's web site.
  • SwitfKey is one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play, with downloads topping at 15 million at $4 per download.

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