Survey says kids want Apple iPad for holidays
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A new survey conducted by Nielsen in the U.S. has revealed that kids want to get their hands on Apple's iOS-powered devices more than anything else this 2012 holiday season. In particular, the full-sized iPad is the most wanted item on a list that includes the the iPad mini, iPod touch, iPhone, and the new Nintendo Wii. Nearly half od all survey respondents aged 6-12 years old said they wanted to have an iPad for Christmas, which is an indication that Apple will have a very good performance in terms of sales during this year's shopping season.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Nintendo's new Wii U gaming console came second in the list of most wanted devices.

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Apple seems to have very high visibility with children and the youth market, and that’s increasing, but it isn’t necessarily translating into equally big gains among teens and adults according to Nielsen’s survey. - Darrell Etherington, Mobile Crunch  
Mobile Orchard
Kids Want iPads This Holiday Season
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Readers, if you’re parents, listen up. Your kids want the iPad. Not the Microsoft Surface or even the Nintendo Wii U.

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The iPad was far and away the leading device in the poll, with 48 percent of kids saying they wanted one.

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According to a recent survey conducted by Nielsen, U.S. kids' holiday wish lists are dominated by one particular gadget – the iPad.

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Parents, get ready to hit up the Apple Store during the holidays if you want to keep your kids happy.

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