Star Wars: Angry Birds coming on November 8
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Star Wars fans who happen to love the Angry Birds mobile game franchise now have a new reason to celebrate: Angry Birds: Star Wars is coming to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone on November 8. All the famous Star Wars personalities from Han Solo to Chewbacca are expected to be a part of the game. And even the pigs themselves are said to be in on the Star Wars spirit. Pricing info for the game is still unavailable, but just like the movie, it is expected to be a "box office hit."

What Else You Need To Know

  • Rovio Entertainment, which is behind Angry Birds: Star Wars, recently released the game Bad Piggies to rave reviews.

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What remains to be seen is if Angry Birds have outstayed their welcome. After all, there has been the original, Seasons, Rio, Space, the Bad Piggies game, and now this. - Tim Barribeau, Everything iCafe  
While a price point of this game is not known yet I really don't think it make a difference only a price point this side ridiculous will stop this game from blowing up the Death Star of download records. - Kevin Everett, Daily Mobile  
Rovio Teases Angry Birds Star Wars on Video  

Mobile game publisher Rovio is getting ready for the release of a new title in the popular Angry Birds series.

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