Sprint offers $3/mo StarStar Me vanity number service

Sprint has started offering a monthly service to let subscribers enjoy an easy-to-use vanity number service through StarStar Me. Through the said service, users can get a special 5-digit code that can be used to reach them instead of the regular 10-digit numbers that are assigned to their cellphones. To use the service, one only has to dial two asterisks followed by the 5-digit code--for example: dial **32843 for DAVID. It costs $3 a month.

What Else You Need To Know

  • This service from Sprint is offered in cooperation with Zoove's Star Star.
  • Android users can enjoy additional features of the Star Star Me service through a special Star Star Me Android app.

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While the service appears to work on any mobile phone, there are some added benefits if you’re an Android phone owner. You can download an app from Google Play that gives customers a unique set of tools for their StarStar Me accounts. - Kevin Fitchard, GigaOM  
Sprint offers vanity phone numbers with new StarStar Me service  

Users can select a five to ten digit vanity number, which can then be called by anyone on any carrier by dialing two asterisks, then the number.

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Sprint eyes vanity numbers with $3-a-month StarStar initiative  

The company will now let users choose their own number combination with help from Zoove's Star Star.

Sprint launches new vanity number service StarStar Me  

Ever wish getting in touch was as easy as dialing a person’s name? Sprint is now offering a new subscription service that will allow users to assign a vanity number to their mobile phone.

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Sprint now offering StarStar Me service to let customers choose a vanity phone number
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Sprint offers vanity phone numbers with new StarStar Me service  

Customers can use the app to automatically generate text messages to callers, and customize those messages by caller.

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Sprint calls on StarStarMe for vanity dialing service
Sprint Offers Vanity Numbers for Your Cellphone
Sprint lets you make your name your phone number for $3 a month