Sprint Sold 2.2 Million iPhones in Holiday Quarter But...

Sprint Nextel, the third-ranking U.S. wireless carrier, sold 2.2 million iPhones during the fourth quarter ended Dec. 30, 2012, up from just 1.5 million units in the third quarter. The holiday rush contributed to net additions of 401,000 its postpaid subscriber- base. But Sprint just recorded just $9 billion in revenue (a slight increase from last year's), reported an operating loss of $758 million, widened its fourth quarter net loss to $1.32 billion (from $757 million in the third quarter), and had a negative earnings per share of $0.44 (failing to match analyst's expectation of $0.37 negative EPS). The company lost 337,000 net customers due to more than 1 million customers defecting the Nextel service. The carrier though only rolled out in July its 4G LTE Network, which is now covering 58 markets. Sprint's 4G LTE network is crucial as AT&T and Verizon’s high-speed networks are already developed and operational on a nationwide scale.

What Else You Need To Know

  • While Sprint sold 2.2 million iPhones in the fourth quarter, Verizon sold 6.2 million iPhones over roughly the same period, while AT&T sold 8.6 million.
  • The iPhone 5, which was launched in September, helped Sprint sell 4 million 4G LTE smartphones during the quarter.
  • Sprint said that the loss of $45 million or negative $.01 per share (pre-tax) was related to impacts from Hurricane Sandy.

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In comparison to its US rivals, Sprint’s sales are some way off, but are improving. - Matt Brian, The Next Web  
The problem, however, is that while Sprint is adding subscribers on its Sprint-branded end, it’s rapidly losing them on the Nextel side. A total of 1.02 million Nextel customers jumped ship last quarter, resulting in a net loss of 337,000 subscribers. - Ricardo Milton, Venture Beat  
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