South Korean court imposes sales ban on Apple and Samsung products over patent trial
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A South Korean court has ruled that both Apple and Samsung copied each other's products, and has not only ordered the two to pay each other fairly large sums for damages but also imposed sales bans some of their mobile devices. Apple was ordered to pay Samsung 40 million won ($35,264) in damages while Samsung was ordered to pay 25 million won ($22,040). The limited sales ban in South Korea includes the iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy S II, and Galaxy Nexus.

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- The recently concluded patent trial in California involving both companies resulted in a ruling that was in favor of Apple.

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Apple, Samsung Both Found Guilty In Korean Patent Case  

A patent infringement case in South Korea has concluded with Apple and Samsung both found to have infringed on certains patents held by the other.

Apple iPhone banned in Korean patent trial verdict
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The way the court system works in South Korea is different from the way it works in the United States.

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iPhone banned in Korean patent trial verdict  

A South Korea court has adjudged that Apple and Samsung both violated one another's design patents, and issued fines and bans to both companies.