Sony VAIO Duo 11 Windows 8 Hybrid Tablet Leaked

Sony is releasing the VAIO Duo 11, a Windows 8 convertible tablet / laptop that has an 11-inch display, according to leaked images. The full-fledged Office suite in display suggests that the device is running on the full-blown Windows 8, not Windows RT. If the Duo 11 runs on Windows 8 Pro, which means it would have an Intel x86 based chip at the core and a price tag that will be more than the Windows RT devices.

What Else You Need To Know:

- Like Samsung's upcoming Windows 8 tablets, the Duo 11 has a stylus for the touchscreen.

- Unlike the keyboard docks in the Asus Transformer and other hybrid tablets, the Duo's keyboard won't be detachable.

- New devices running Windows 8 and Windows RT (ARM based tablets), including Microsoft's own Surface tablets, will be released Oct. 26, which is the launch date of Microsoft's newest operating system. Before that, Windows 8 tablets will also be showcased at the IFA 2012 in Berlin, which opens Aug. 31.

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The images - leaked to - show that the new laptop come tablet device will match Microsoft's own Surface offering and Samsung's teased Windows 8 tablet by coming with a foldaway keyboard. - Stuart Miles, Pocket-Lint  
Sony VAIO Duo 11 convertible Windows 8 tablet surfaces in leaked photos
Sony Vaio Duo 11: The Windows 8 tablet with fold away keyboard... supposedly  

On closer inspection the official looking press shots show that the device will have a foldaway rather than detachable keyboard and aimed at the Windows 8 rather than Window RT crowd.

Sony VAIO Duo 11 tablet hybrid spotted with Windows 8  

The keyboard also appears to be backlit, and PocketNow points out that the keyboard isn’t detachable – it’s on there for good. That, when coupled with the office setting of the images, leads us to believe that the VAIO Duo 11 will be aimed more at business people than mainstream consumers.

Tech Radar
Sony debuts Windows 8 tablet: VAIO Duo 11
Tech Radar
Leaked pics show Sony Windows 8 tablet: VAIO Duo 11  

The 11 presumably refers for the screen size while the "duo" refers to its dual capacity as both a tablet and laptop-like device.

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Sony Vaio Windows 8 Tablet Spotted  

The Duo in the Sony tablet’s name is probably a reference to the device’s ability to be both a tablet and a netbook at the same time though there is no ruling out if it could be a reference to it being able to dual boot another OS such as Android. Also, with a stylus included in the package and an office surrounding depicted in the images, what seems evident is that the Sony Vaio Duo 11 is meant for use by the entrepueners than the general public.