Sony Shows Off Firefox OS for Xperia E
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Just days after confirming its interest in Firefox OS, Sony released a ROM to run the new Mozilla-based OS on the Sony Xperia E. The ROM will allow Xperie E owners to try out the new HTML5-powered software. More importantly though, this will give developers a chance to evaluate the platform and test their apps and give Sony valuable feedback. Sony may expand support to other Xperia smartphones over time. Sony is expected to unveil Firefox OS handsets in 2014, joining ZTE, Alcatel, Huawei and LG which are releasing the first wave of Firefox OS devices later this year.

What Else You Need To Know

  • The ROM is only for tests and not for daily use as it has no wireless connectivity and the touchscreen and the microSD card may have issues.
  • The first batch of Firefox OS devices may be low-end or mid-range with 3.5-inch and single-core handsets demoed by ZTE and Alcatel at the MWC.
  • Firefox OS smartphones will be first built entirely to open Web standards and use HTML5-based applications that run on technology shared with the Firefox browser.

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That choice of phone shouldn’t be too surprising, as the Xperia E’s processor and display are pretty much in line with the sort of low-end phones already announced to arrive running Firefox OS. - Stephen Schenck, Pocket Now  
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