Sony PlayStation Mobile support for Asus and WikiPad devices now official
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Official PlayStation Mobile support for Asus and WikiPad products has just been granted, meaning there might come a day when you'll be able to play PlayStation-certified games on devices such as the most recent Asus Transformer Pad Android tablets. PlayStation Mobile will enable users with either a Sony PlayStation Vita or a PlayStation-certified tablet computer to download and play exclusive games that are not available anywhere else. The platform is currently in open beta, and is open to big-name developers and indie developers alike. Compatible devices from Asus and WikiPad are expected to be unveiled soon.

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- Sony's PlayStation Mobile was formerly known as PlayStation Suite and is being offered as a way to download games for PlayStation or PlayStation-certified devices.

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There's currently no shortage of decent games for Android and iOS, so unless Sony works really hard to stuff PlayStation Mobile with brilliant time-wasters that you can't get anywhere else, I think it'll struggle to stand out from the crowd. - Luke Westaway, CNet UK  
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There were other interesting announcements during this conference, including the fact that if you make a purchase through Playstation Mobile, that game will be available on your PS Vita, your phone and your tablet with only that one purchase.

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Games purchased for one device can be played on any PlayStation Mobile-enabled devices including smartphones and tablets, as well as on the PS Vita.

PlayStation Mobile Support Granted To ASUS And Wikipad
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Both major and independent developers are onboard for the collaboration, though we’re not sure how the more graphically-intense games will scale down to slower Android devices, but we’re dying to find out.

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Unfortunately, with the launch of this new dedicated experience, Sony will no longer be offering PS One Classics on PlayStation Certified devices.